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RomneyCare - NOTHING LIKE ObamaCare!

As you can see, OBAMACARE IS NOTHING LIKE ROMNEYCARE - Only LIBERALS and "Angry" Conseratives make that FALSE CLAIM!

My open letter April 29, 2012 to Martin Fox, CEO of National Pro-Life Alliance article accusing Romney of being a Chameleon.

"Mr Fox, I have often wondered how a TOTALLY honest man could ever become President in a system like the one in America that we have allowed to flourish and even allowed the hijack of our government and turn it against the Constitution and we the people.  I have often thought that it might be an impossibility to elect a totally honest man anymore in America.

Only the Liberals who have no love of the traditional Christian nation America, and work for its destruction  can take a simple concept like "changing your mind" and deceptively re-define it as a "flip flop" to attack opponents.  What a miracle and blessing if Obama would flip flop, right?  Good thing that Norma McCorvey (Roe in "Roe vs Wade") flip flopped on abortion and has now endorsed Romney, as has National Pro-Right to Life?  Liberals like to make an "art-form" out of taking Conservative sound-bytes OUT OF CONTEXT, while along with Main Stream media, ignoring Obama's  "Marine Corpse", Australian language, 10,000 killed by Kansas twister (no, only 12), "my Muslim faith", his bowling score compared to "Special Olympics" standards, "the bomb" that fell on Pearl Harbor, ATMs cause unemployment, blamed dictator Chavez's election (1998) on Bush (elected 2000), burns over 9000 gallons of Jet Fuel on Earth day speech which could have been given from the White House, celebrates "Cinco-de-Quatro the day before Cinco-de-Mayo", FBI's "first one hundred days", visit to "57 states", expects to be President "for eight to ten years", MY GOSH WAS OBAMA EVEN BORN AROUND HERE?  

Here are some of Romney's  Conservative endorsements - some of whom you might be tempted to call "flip- floppers" like Giuliani, Huckabee, Huntsman, Perry?

Here are some of Romneys Conservative endorsements and HE IS NOT EVEN THE GOP primary winner yet.  President Ronald Reagan’s son Michael, Gov. Huckabee, Conservative radio host Michael Medved, Conservative Radio host Bill Bennett, NJ  Gov. Christie, Gov. Haley, Fox Business Cavuto, Senator McCain, Gov. Pawlenty, NY Congressman Michael Grimm, Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, Bunnie Buchanan,  President George H.W. Bush, Susan B. Anthony (Roe of Roe vs Wade), Gov. Huntsman, CEO of American Pro-Life Union Al Cardenas, astronaut Gene Cernan, former Jeb Bush spokesman Justin Sayfie, Donald Trump, Va Governor Bob McDonnell, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, AZ Gov. Jan Brewer, Rep. Eric Cantor, National Pro-Right To Life, Conservative radio host Hugh Hewett,  Gov. Jeb Bush, Evangelicals For Mitt,  Congressman Paul Ryan, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Terry Branstad, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator McConnell, Senator Pat Toomey, Rudy Giuliani, Republican National Committee, Senator Cornyn, Gov. Perry, GOP candidate Rick Santorum, House speaker Boehner, Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.  Of course I expect LIBERALS to call these men ignorant, so how is it that you "Angry" Conservatives find YOURSELF different from LIBERALS?

How is Romney attacked by Liberal lies?  His hair looks too good, he can't sing well, his jokes are not funny, he is a flip-flopper, he loves his wife, children & grandchildren too much, 50 years ago he was a prankster, the American built cars he drives, he has legally and honorably become successful in our capitalist economy, he "cheats" on his taxes paying 35% (highest tax rate) on his earnings and an additional 15% capital gains on investments from the SAME earnings invested, and then over 15% in charitable donations for a grand total of 65%, accused of being "money hungry" when he donated ALL of his inheritance to charity, saved the Olympics and donated his ENTIRE Olympic salary to charity, and each year of his life has contributed 15%+ of his assets to charity AS HAVE I OVER THE LAST 32 YEARS - compare that to Obama, Biden, Santorum, Gingrich (all less than 2% charitable donations) AND I AM NO MILLIONAIRE - where do you see honor and honesty?  Would you even RECOGNIZE honor and honesty?

Romney's Massachusetts health care plan was passed by the 85% Mass Congress, overriding 8 Romney vetoes and still is NOTHING LIKE OBAMACARE   Step by step comparison -  NOWHERE NEAR THE SAME THING!) - Romney cast nearly 1000 vetoes as Governor of Mass - do you think LIBERAL Governors cast that many vetoes in Mass in one term?

And so now you and other, what I have describes as "angry" Conservatives, join with the LIBERALS to help promote their koolaid?  So what make you "angry" Conservatives any different than the LIBERALS?  You have taken your eyes so far off the prize that you can no longer recognize Truth, Honor, and Honesty?  Then how can we EVER elect a totally honest man in America when the "angry" Conservatives join the LIBERALS with unfounded attacks against GOP candidates?"

They claim the total tax burden in MA went up under Romney.  This falsely implies that Romney raised taxes.  In truth, Romney repeatedly proposed tax cuts, which were shot down by the Democratic MA legislature, starting as soon as he began to turn around the economy, prompting the liberal Boston Globe to complain after Romney's first year in office, "The first signs of life appear in the Massachusetts economy and the governor calls for a $225 million tax cut."  Some communities in MA chose to raise property taxes at the local level which Romney had no control over.

Some critics claim that Romney's cuts in state spending forced local communities to raise their taxes, but the fact is they were under no obligation to raise taxes.  Romney also closed loopholes in existing tax law, allowing the state to collect taxes from those who had been using schemes to reduce income reported on state tax returns.

Some critics falsely assert that Romney raised capital gains tax rates.  In truth, the tax increase was enacted before Romney was elected governor but took effect during Romney's term after having been tied up in court for several year.  Critics are unable to point to any tax increases from Romney, and Romney fought for tax cuts and did get some tax cuts enacted.
Romney's anti-FEDERAL health care position in kennedy debate in 1994

"Individual Mandate Would Force ALL Americans to Have Insurance"  Romney's bill was individual mandate because the 85% DEM state legislature over rode his veto, but only FORCED people with NO insurance to get it, because it had a true "opt out"?  Look at this summary

Monday, May 14, 2012

Definition Of "Angry" Conservatives

YES, only Obama's COOKED Job Numbers & "Angry" Conservatives Can Re-Elect him in 2012  LIBERALS alone can't do it


There are currently 12.6 MILLION Americans "OFFICIALLY" UNEMPLOYED in 2012, receiving federal unemployment checks every month.  And there are an ADDITIONAL 87.8 MILLION Americans who are working age, and not working, having already used up their FEDERAL UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS AND GIVEN UP LOOKING FOR JOBS.  These 87.8 million unemployed Americans are NOT COUNTED in the U.S. unemployment figures.  These unreported unemployed Americans SPIN the official job numbers for Obama's "BOOMING ECONOMY"!

That is ACTUALLY A TOTAL OF 100.6 MILLION working age Americans that have applied for unemployment benefits in the past and DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE JOBS.  Yes, probably several million ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB because they are comfortable because of their personal situation, like living free with parents, etc.  And the rest of the HUNDRED MILLION are comfortable and not looking for a job because they make money through federal welfare and ILLEGALLY, like drug dealers and other criminal types, etc.

In 2007, prior to Obama's REIGN which began in 2008, approximately 10% of all unemployed Americans had been out of work for a year or longer.  Because of Obama's "welfare for votes" agenda, today that number has risen by 300%+ to ABOVE 30%.  That is the reason Obama is pushing for an extension to the number of years that unemployment benefits can be drawn by individuals - IT MAKES HIS UNEMPLOYMENT PERCENTAGES LOOK MUCH BETTER THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE, and also provide more votes from his "welfare slave" constituency.  That is also the reason for his agenda - if he can continue to raise that number during a second term, he can effectively become our first AMERICAN DICTATOR who could NEVER be voted out of office because of the rising number of welfare DEPENDENT voters, Federal WORKER voters, Union voters, crony voters, etc., etc.

But TRUE unemployment is nowhere near Obama's official figure of 8.5%.  The TRUE national unemployment figure is closer to 15% to 20%, with some of Obama's most loyal constituencies (women, Blacks, students, and Hispanics) are closer to 50%!



"Angry" Conservatives are Conservatives who have a FAVORITE GOP candidate but are so angry at ALL OTHER  GOP candidates that they lose sight of the ONLY GOAL of patriots who want to restore America in 2012 - and that is to vote for the GOP primary winner in 2012, which is the ONLY person with the CHANCE to unseat Obama.  Most "angry" Conservatives LOVE their GOP favorite, but actually join LIBERALS in attacking all other GOP candidates with unfounded accusations of lies and other personal attacks.  So what, if anything, makes "angry" Conservatives any different from the typical LIBERALS?

If Obama wins re-election in 2012, he will only win by ONLY 3% to 8% of the total vote.  "Angry" Conservatives, who are so blindly angry that they choose to use one of the four illogical options below in November 2012, are the ONLY ONES who can re-elect Obama if they do it in numbers amounting to 3% to 8% of the total vote.  In 2008 when very few people knew what Obama ACTUALLY meant about Hope & Change, Obama beat McCain with only 6% of the total vote.  Now that MANY MORE voters ARE AWARE OF THE TRUE Obama agenda, his re-election will require 3% to 8%, and probably closer to 3%.

WHEN an "angry" Conservative does not vote in 2012, when he WOULD HAVE VOTED for his FAVORITE GOP candidate, that's one less vote for the only person that has a chance to unseat Obama, the GOP primary winner, so places Obama UP BY ONE VOTE!

Do you know what ABO means

I saw a Tweet from an "angry" Conservative recently - she said "A third party vote isn't a vote for Obama ..... it's a third party vote."  She and many other "angry" Conservatives DON'T GET IT - ALL elections are won by the "RELATIVE" relationship between the number of votes for the WINNER, and the number of votes for the LOSER!  If you don't vote, that's ONE RELATIVE VOTE UP FOR THE WINNER!  So the vote you didn't cast, puts OBAMA up by one vote above the LOSER.

When an "angry" Conservative votes for a third party candidate in 2012, when he would have voted for his favorite GOP candidate, that's one less vote for the only person that has a chance to unseat Obama, the GOP primary winner, so places Obama UP BY ONE VOTE!  No third party candidate can get as much as 20% of the total vote.   Texas BILLIONAIRE (trillionaire in 2012 dollars) Ross Perot only got 18.9% of the total vote in the 1992 election, even with spending a LOT of his own money!  There is NO WAY that an American general election can be won with 20% or 30%, or 40% of the total vote!  So the vote you cast for a third party candidate, puts OBAMA up one vote above the LOSER.

When an "angry" Conservative votes for a write-in candidate in 2012, when he would have voted for his favorite GOP candidate, that's one less vote for the only person that has a chance to unseat Obama, the GOP primary winner, so places Obama UP BY ONE VOTE!  No write-in candidate in an American general election has ever gotten as many as A HALF OF ONE PERCENT (0.5%) of the total vote!  So the vote you wrote-in, puts OBAMA up one vote above the LOSER.
Sign on Highway in Northern Kenya near Sudan border

Or when an "angry" Conservative votes for ANYONE other than the GOP primary winner in 2012 unless the winner happens to be their FAVORITE, that's one less vote for the only person that has a chance to unseat Obama so places Obama UP BY ONE VOTE!

As is obvious, when "angry" Conservatives make one of the four above choices, that places Obama UP by one vote RELATIVE TO THE GOP CANDIDATE.  The only CHANCE to beat Obama in 2012 is for ALL Conservatives to vote the GOP primary winner and hold "angry" Conservative's "counter votes" or non-votes, to less than 3% of the total votes cast.

Here are two of my blog posts which provide further definition of the "Angry" Conservatives.


Liberals cannot re-elect Obama in 2012 - ONLY "angry" Conservatives can do that!