Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fax: Full ObamaCare For ALL Fed Employees OR FOR NO ONE AT ALL!

You've already heard the news that government agents will be given the authority under ObamaCare to break into your home, and you already know about the "ObamaCare Navigators, and so-called "Community Organizers" like the New Black Panthers (and potentially OTHERS with criminal records) who will be given access to your most private financial, health, and gun ownership info through ObamaCare.  Physicians have already asked my 5 year old grandaughter “if her father has a gun at home”.  She answered before I could stop her.

       But now the Daily Mail UK is reporting that the "Feds are building a detective squad to target consumers and companies that don't follow Obamacare's rules."
       The Daily Mail goes on to say: "More than 1,600 new employees hired by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources in the aftermath of ObamaCare's passage include just TWO described as 'consumer safety' officers, but 86 tasked with 'criminal investigating' – indicating that the agency is building an army of detectives to sleuth out violations of a law that many in Congress who supported it still find confusing."
       John Boehner seems to believe that by keeping ObamaCare around, so he can PRETEND to fight it, is “good politics”.  Idiotic notions such as this, exibited by other GOP leadership against the will of their constituents, MUST have consequences!

       The insanity must end today.  Simply put, unless we stop ObamaCare in the next 30 days, the LIES that Obama told you “could never happen” will be revealed as HIS LIES in short order after the 1 year delay illegally created by Obama to save the 2014 Congressional elections for the DEMs before ObamaCare disaster KICKS IN.

The American people are no longer fooled, and any politician who opposes the defunding of ObamaCare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution will FOREVER be branded as SUPPORTING OBAMACARE.

And this after both houses of Congress, GOP, and DEM alike voted TO EXEMPT THEMSELVES and staff from some of the most horrific effects from the ObamaCare Disaster.  Perhaps if Obama appointees and Congress have to live under the EXACT SAME Obamacare rules as the rest of us, things would be changed quickly for the better?


This fax was sent to POTUS, Gov. Christie, GOP Candidates Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul, Senators Issa, Cornyn, Hutchinson, Rubio, Snowe, McConnell, Reid, Feinstein, Reed, Murray, Boxer, Tester, Kyl, Representatives Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, DeMint, Poe, Rand Paul, Levin, Pelosi, New first-term House Republicans West, Berg, Noem, Crawford, Gosar, Benishek, Nunnelee, Guinta, McKinley, Griffin, Huizenga, Ellmers, Rigell, Womack, Runyan, Heck, Kelly, Herrera, Gardner, Palazzo, Nugent, Lankford, McCarthy, and various Conservative and Liberal media outlets. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

BillboTex's Recent Popular Political Tweets

This shows EXACTLY what Obama is doing to our children http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Li0no7O9zmE … still think Obama is doing this by accident?    Me neither!

Libs teach their kids to PRAY TO OBAMA, Conservs teach theirs to PRAY FOR OBAMA  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YI4813_v-E Obama is NO DEITY!

Condi Rice SUMS UP THE DEMOCRAT PARTY  http://twitpic.com/d019dv  This is because Obama’s agenda is to DESTROY America killing economy & jobs!

DETROIT, OBAMA'S BLUEPRINT http://goo.gl/Sel3x  FOR AMERICA!  Detroit is no "accident" or "mistake" fm Obama, it is his AGENDA 4 USA.

Obama Admin Gives a BRITISH Company Contract to Administer ObamaCare Rollout! OBAMA STILL EXPORTING JOBS OVERSEAS!

Obama Admin Gives a BRITISH Company Contract to Administer ObamaCare Rollout! Remember he also contracted Benghazi SECURITY to al-Qaeda?!?

Why 22 CIA agents N Benghazi the night Ambass Stevens & 3 other patriots http://goo.gl/2ontgh   WERE MURDERED? What is BHO LYING 2 HIDE?

CONFIRMED: Benghazi murders cover-up of OBAMA'S ARMS TRANSFER TO al-Qaeda http://goo.gl/atN7o7  BHO IS SLEEPING W/ & ARMING OUR

Muslim Brotherhood says they have evidence IMPLICATING OBAMA IN BENGHAZI Massacre http://goo.gl/y89CTW  which will put Obama IN PRISON!

Don't deal w/ Obama cronies 2 give up some of your God given rights 2 keep other rights! They turn up LIES slowly B4 U realize U R COOKED!

Progressive Liberals http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2013/07/16/deconstructing-reality-and-zimmerman/ … … THE MASTERS OF DECONSTRUCTING REALITIES!

10 IMAGES of Prez Bush     MOST PROMOTING HIS MURDER    http://goo.gl/437Hx8     Not a clown in the bunch!    LIBERAL HYPOCRISY!

Before U jump on Obama's "change" of America N2 a POLICE STATE bandwagon http://goo.gl/bU9XMn  It could cost you LAW SUITS & JAIL TIME!

Obama has done a GREAT JOB http://goo.gl/DQn86B   CONVINCING THE GULLIBLE that the DEMs have NOT declared a WAR ON WOMEN!

OBAMANOMICS  4 out of 5 Americans face NEAR POVERTY & UNEMPLOYMENT under Obama!  http://goo.gl/TzKcNv  Not the "ROSY LIE" BHO is pushing?

The first generation WHO ARE UNABLE 2 "LEAVE THE NEST"  http://goo.gl/APS8rf Becuz of their political guillibility N support of Obama!

See THIS IN NEWS????  http://goo.gl/kt01sQ Black neighborhood watchman KILLS white teen boy U WILL NEVER SEE THIS IN MSmedia!

NO SURPRISE HERE http://goo.gl/uliuL  HOSTILE Zimmerman judge life long Liberal and Democrat! When did justice FLEE our legal system?

Notice this one was different 2? Autumn killed by blacks 4 her bike http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/10/autumn_pasquale_death_2_teen_b.html …pic.twitter.com/CqzFUY5BlD DID U C IT N NEWS?

OK, we defeated Obama's Internet Tax, now just switch over to make sure he does not tax our Credit Unions, as he has been hinting!

New Conservative strategy http://tny.cz/1075d010  STOP WAITING FOR PSEUDO-SHAME FROM OBAMA FOR HIS INTENTIONAL "SCANDALS"!

The LIBERAL strategy is to keep Conservatives FEELING lonely with 5 methods: by re-defining truth, voter fraud, lies, lies, & more lies!

Feinstein (D) RE-DEFINES "HOMELAND" AS USA, CANADA, & MEXICO http://goo.gl/jFxNRd   N same way as Obama re-defines OUR MONEY AS HIS MONEY!


Obama, in USA, TRUST IS EARNED. What  w/ your lies, cover-ups, total lack of transparency, & hiding your background, has earned our trust?

GOP MUST adopt LIB tactic - never stop beating the drum of TRUTH.      It ALWAYS TRUMPS the Liberal "DRUM OF DECEPTION & LIES"!

BE ENCOURAGED we can win if we keep up the fight. We can ONLY lose if WE GIVE UP! Like "angry" & Christian Conservatives did in 2012!

Opinions are OK, but statistical FACTS show if ONLY ALL Conserv Christians had voted GOP Primary winner, Obama would NOT BE POTUS NOW!

Ask the 2.5 mill evangelicals who stayed home in 2012 if they believe it WAS GOD's GUIDANCE which led them to re-elect Obama?

Candidate wasn't the problem in 2012 nor 2008.  The prob is the low Conserv vote, fed dependent voter, American haters & Lib voter fraud!

GOP STOP BEGGING  Obama "do the right thing" & START DEMANDING IT!  Muslims respond more favorably 2 demands fm strength.

81% of Egyptian Muslims want to force http://goo.gl/M0FIqg  STONING as  YOUR punishment for adultery.      IS THAT OK WITH YOU?

We CANNOT AFFORD to allow Obama & his cronys & agencies http://goo.gl/ltY8O  OPERATE THEIR AGENDA TO DESTROY AMERICA FROM THE SHADOWS!

NEW law allows Obama 2 HIJACK media http://goo.gl/JVQjj   TO USE FED LIES & PROPAGANDIZE THEM AS FACTUAL INFO 4 OUR MEDIA! Why do that?

Restoration of freedom will come in tiny steps http://goo.gl/zHLtp  BUT once trust is lost, it's lost - NO MORE IRS, NO MORE OBAMA!

Obama to make his dictatorship more like Google http://goo.gl/gr4Zd    Google gives ALL private info to Obama, but not to customers!

Google passes YOUR search data 2 Obama 2 collect ALL your personal search info http://goo.gl/CiJkd     http://Startpage.com  DOESN'T!

You can stop Google+ FUNNELING your personal info to Fed Govt, without ending G-mail, contacts, photos, etc. Fm your Google+ account page.

Hmm, wondering here how Obama could have Bcome so well versed http://goo.gl/btYVi  w/ Communist 4th Amendment ATTACK. STUDYING HARD?

BHO N college yrs, "I chose my friends carefully I SEARCHED 4 MARXIST PROFS" http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=X4EHmzslKLw …  & U Bcame MARXIST temp instructor!

OK, BHO had 2.6 GPA @ Columbia 4.33 GPA grade system.  60%
Next question how did the LOW ACHIEVER pay 4 Columbia, & Harvard Law education?

We need PROOF of Saudi scholarships for Obama's Columbia/Harvard Law School!  That would mean that he FLUNKS OUT OF HIS ILLEGAL PRESIDENCY!

EXCELLENT free petitions to Congress http://goo.gl/OAum7     POPVOX

Something DREADFULLY WRONG has happened when Obama CONGRATULATES Marco Rubio on his new AMNESTY PLAN FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS!   rinoceronte!

Call on Congress to IMMEDIATELY start IMPEACHMENT on Obama http://goo.gl/ykOl6  free petition.


NEW BOOK:  All these Obama crimes are IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES http://goo.gl/ZylSNy  File charges & separate the RINOs from the GOP!

Obama's IMPEACHABLE "IRS-GATE"     join the call for special council http://goo.gl/6W57Q      Be sure to sign petition at bottom.

It IS not required that we appease the MSmedia     BEGIN IMPEACHMENT BASED UPON THE FACTS PRESENTED HERE ON twitter - Nixon IRS scandal!

Check w/ Hillary maybe she could draw up an impeachment draft 4 OBAMA'S IRS political attacks  http://goo.gl/0pGCp    LIKE HER NIXON ONE?

Hillary helped draft Nixon(R) impeachment IRS docs http://goo.gl/0pGCp  It worked, but her Lib boss fired her 4 fraud & unethical acts!

Hillary helped draft 1974 IRS charges against Nixon http://goo.gl/0pGCp  great, so let’s just copy/paste and change the name to OBAMA!

Stop Hillary?  Yes if people read her degree thesis fm 1969.  http://goo.gl/H6CjG  Tribute 2 Marxist radical Alinsky w/ job offer @ end!

Stop Hillary? Yes if people find out she chose her 2nd in command Huma Abedin http://goo.gl/l6vzi  fm a radical Muslim Bhood family!

Stop Hillary? Her college thesis was praising ALINSKY, & his job offer 2 her was @ end of the thesis.  I have it. VOTING 4 HER?  Me neither!

Stop Hillary?  She says “what diff does it make in Benghazi”?  WOULD IT MAKE A DIFF IF CHELSEA had been the Ambassador there?

CONFIRMED: Benghazi murders cover-up of OBAMA'S ARMS TRANSFER TO al-Qaeda http://goo.gl/atN7o7  BHO SLEEPING W/ & ARMING OUR ENEMIES!

Stop Hillary?  Hillary Ordered Benghazi Security Reduced Before Attack http://www.capitalisminstitute.org/hillary-benghazi-security/#.UgBaAfTLVf8.twitter …

Hillary's NGO PARTNERED w/ Bank that laundered $250 BILLION 4 IRAN violating sanctions http://goo.gl/7izyZ3  ADMITTED CRIME $665M fines!

Libs will throw their own mothers under the bus, as MSmedia seems to be recognizing now! Now do you see what difference it makes?

Read this to determine if you are      http://tny.cz/eab53161    AN OBAMA DEM.       Definitive PROOF!

I would love to see statistics on same-sex "pseudo parents" https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GCiuU1bVt5k … OBVIOUSLY SINGLE PARENTING IS NOT WORKING FOR KIDS!

Parents EXPLODE  http://goo.gl/dk5jC  when elem school pushes "gender-bender Cross Dressing Day" 4 their kids! MORE LIB INDOCTRINATION!

Since 1970 the portion of U.S. children growing up in single-parent
households: +133%   Doesn't SEEM TO BE WORKING, DOES IT?

News fm the BOWELS OF INTERNET http://goo.gl/bLdMb  Obama uses two 3rd grade girls 2 introduce him at his LGBT Pride month speech!

Liberal Gay Agenda is not to promote gay "rights"  http://clashdaily.com/2013/04/lesbo-admits-gay-agenda-is-to-radically-redefineeliminate-marriage/       The goal is to DESTROY MARRIAGE!

Weird I don't see many young college grads N this pic pic.twitter.com/3UeXn9wlOG OBAMA GAVE THEM HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT 50% & THEY VOTED HIM IN?

There is only ONE ANSWER for "why did Obama do this & why did he do that"     Obama's agenda is to destroy America. NEVER FORGET THIS!

Obama's job is to conceal/block investigation of all his SCANDALS & our job IS TO NEVER LET THEM GO AWAY AND HOLD HIM RESPONSIBLE!

Benghazi is PROOF   http://tny.cz/3a6940dd    Obama's befriending & protection of terrorists is not working to protect innocent Americans!

CONFIRMED: Benghazi murders cover-up of OBAMA'S ARMS TRANSFER TO al-Qaeda http://goo.gl/atN7o7  BHO SLEEPING W/ & ARMING OUR ENEMIES!

Why is EVERYTHING Obama is involved in http://goo.gl/3gR4R  Shrouded in death, lies, political cover-ups, ulterior motives, & mystery?

Obama hides behind a BODYGUARD OF LIES http://goo.gl/mdOLQ   His "welfare & depent slaves" DON'T CARE!  Do you care, enough to act?

House IGNORES BHO's VETO THREAT http://goo.gl/MhRX4  passes Farm Bill W/OUT FOOD STAMPS, denying Obama 8.8 MILLION new welfare voters!

The DOCUMENTED Obama LIES 1 through 6 http://goo.gl/S4dvu   Broken Campaign Promises & Distorted Past - WHY?

The DOCUMENTED Obama LIES 1 through 4 http://goo.gl/x5tLs  ObamaCare NEVER has been voluntary!

The DOCUMENTED Obama LIES http://goo.gl/fa01M  Benghazi Hillary You would know the difference it makes if Chelsea had been working there!

The DOCUMENTED Obama LIES http://goo.gl/A42l0  Fast&Furious Your Cover-up to protect Muslim terrorists cost four patriots their lives!

The DOCUMENTED Obama LIES http://goo.gl/S7QWc  Obama's storm troops IRS attack Conservatives - But MSmedia is catching on!

The DOCUMENTED Obama cronies' LIES http://goo.gl/JZ5Rp  IRS Scandal, Incompetence or CRIMINAL?  Axelrod claims Liberal STUPIDITY!

IRREFUTABLE PROOF of illegal IRS activity http://goo.gl/T9lhQS   will B countered w/ typical LIB "opinions".  ABOLISH IRS & Obama!

Obama says "Government is us"         OK, well us don’t want you any more, and by the way, us also wants to cut Government by 4/5ths!

Yes the POTUS & all other Fed positions paid from OUR TAXES http://goo.gl/QKfuw  SHOULD LIVE LIKE THE REST OF US - Take the poll here!

Obama's IMPEACHABLE "IRS-GATE"     join the call for special council http://goo.gl/6W57Q      Be sure to sign petition at bottom.

Congressman Issa will EXPOSE IRS/Obama http://goo.gl/Bm2dZ  ILLEGAL CONNECTION EVIDENCE in Today's hearing July 18. Video

Current IRS agent TESTIFIES to Ways & Means Committee http://goo.gl/nrOx5o  IRS still illegally ATTACKING T Party & Conservs! SUBPOENA!

Help us #ABOLISHtheIRS w/ the #FairTax. Go to http://POPVOX.com  and SUPPORT HR25 & S122. End IRS Corruption NOW!

Obama indited for WAR CRIMES?http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dNNQ1SfVKQU    WHY NOT?  Sent troops under foreign command N2 Libya without Congressional approval.

Docs exposing Christians as http://goo.gl/Ot5G1  group Hitler was going after next when he finished Jews. Wonder where BHO is going next?

Obama's ULTIMATE SCANDAL http://goo.gl/TFGg7  His outrageous war against Christianity!  Proof that he does not believe there is a God!

IRS to shut down for 5 days http://wtim.es/13wlRmO     FairTax law would shut them down FOREVER      97.7K fewer NON-ESSENTIAL Fed workers.

Fed Tax Investigator http://goo.gl/ok1Kz  LIBS NOT TARGETED BY IRS! BHO SUPPORTED IRS crime by PROMOTING IRS Chief http://goo.gl/SYr7X

RT if U want 2 keep IRS out of your healthcare. pic.twitter.com/UVwbVyFb5s     FAIR TAX if U want 2 end IRS TYRANNY against Conservs FOREVER!

Yes, it IS NOT NECESSARY THAT WE CONTINUE  http://youtu.be/xZlgKTJJ2gM  to suffer under the politicized IRS THUGS!  Let’s disappoint Obama!

Yes, IRS, we know U take it "Very seriously" http://goo.gl/JrJj1  WE ALSO KNOW U R ENGAGED N CRIMINAL POLITICIZATION @ BHO'S DIRECTION!

Congressman sees IRS agents training w/ AR-15's http://goo.gl/sPQKb  at his DHS tour. Do you wonder why? ME NEITHER!

I wouldn't mind IRS training w/ AR-15s if they R 2 B sent overseas 2 defend America - BUT NOT 2 B USED AGAINST AMERICANS!


BHO DELAYS ObamaCare DISASTER an ANOTHER YR  http://goo.gl/NNBpd  I guess the IRS’s AR-15 training is not going as well as first hoped?!

BHO DELAYS OCare until 2015 to save DEMs N 2014 elections http://goo.gl/QfKrN  OCare will B DISASTER NO Matter  HOW long we wait 4 it.

NOTE TO McConnell:  DEFUND OBAMACARE  http://goo.gl/tKCFWc   If you fund it, then YOU own it.  CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

PParenthood, BlackPanthers, & other Obama GOONS http://goo.gl/6VigsL  now have access to your medical & GUN OWNERSHIP INFO w/ ObamaCare.

How will the Fair Tax affect seniors?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuUFiJ8rgLk&feature=youtu.be … and other low income individuals.

A tax code that is FAIR for ALL of us http://tny.cz/92fde551  Fair tax can solve all probs, & Flat tax solves NONE! http://tny.cz/f49f37fc 

CRITICAL DIFFERENCES http://tny.cz/f49f37fc  between FLAT TAX & the FAIR TAX. Don't believe Obama's lies, the IRS’s lies, & Lib LIES!

FREEDOM FROM THE IRS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFDJ-1MrrPU   Fair Tax EXPLAINED!

FAIR TAX Questions/Answers - Americans For Fair Taxation http://dlvr.it/3RhHv4  PERFECT WAY TO NEUTER ILLEGAL IRS attacks on Conservatives!

IRS are Obama THUGS  http://goo.gl/pxEJf caught illegally targeting Conservative groups - apologizes!  FIRE SOMEONE!  IMPEACH Chief Thug!

Remember Obama Made IRS auditing  joke in 2009? http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/the-time-president-obama-made-an-auditing-joke …   Not as funny for Obama now that we know THEY committed THE CRIME!

MEET SARAH INGRAM pic.twitter.com/AIHA4hPLbt  This is how Obama rewards co-conspirators like ACORN, Hillary, Muslim terrorists, IRS, & Holder!

I am not at all convinced the IRS is INCOMPETENT, or RECKLESS.  I think they R OBAMA SLAVES w/ NO LOVE FOR AMERICA!  Why do we allow it?

Obama's illegal POLITICIZATION of Fed agencies continues  http://goo.gl/Uh0qH  DOJ organizes Trayvon Martin PROTESTS!  IMPEACHABLE!

"Justice 4 Trayvon" Protests Draw Small Crowds http://bit.ly/15WWlUP  Obama still digging his LIAR'S PIT deeper/deeper!

Black Woman Burns 5th Grade White Boy to Death With A Blow Torch - Media SILENT, NO PROTESTS Scheduled pic.twitter.com/OJHbMSElWN

Black Woman Burns 5th Grade White Boy to Death With A Blow Torch -  pic.twitter.com/OJHbMSElWN  Msmedia uses ACTUAL real-time pics!

Obama's Commerce Sec pick, Penny Pritzker http://goo.gl/69YGM  FAILS 2 DISCLOSE 2 IRS $80 MILLION N EARNINGS - not audited cuz she's Lib!

In the 50's the Mafia always refused to answer questions in court & pleaded the 5th. The IRS brought 'em down. KARMA IS A B**** ISN'T IT!

Landmark Legal found evidence IRS illegally harassing Conserve groups http://goo.gl/BYnaF & sent PROBING investigative letter in 2012!

WND top editor victim of POLITICAL IRS ATTACK AUDIT http://goo.gl/VZbcD  BOTH OBAMA & HIS CORRUPT IRS must go!

ABOLISH IRS Make Fair Tax law http://goo.gl/Dt03r  IRS THUGS have been politicized as Obama's STORM THUGS! R New Black Panthers audited?

Dems Sic IRS on T-Party, Then Publicly Deny It http://clashdaily.com/2013/05/switch-a-roo-dems-sick-irs-in-tea-party-then-publicly-decry-it/ … … As usual DEMs throw EACH OTHER, EVEN THEIR MOTHER UNDER THE BUS!

Prior IRS head: "I know nothing about the Constitution" http://goo.gl/9GcXE  neither does BHO, & he claims 2 B a Constitutional scholar!

IRS in charge of ObamaCare like junkie running a pharmacy http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0kHVEUjgttE … or Obama as POTUS, like FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE!

IRS POLITICAL ATTACKS are impeachable! It was one of the illegal activities listed in Nixon's impeachment warrant! pic.twitter.com/4fg044VwbO

THERE IS NO OBAMA's "WATERGATE"!   Watergate had no murders, or deaths, no voter fraud, and still Nixon (R) was forced out of office!

Comparison Obama(D)/Nixon(R)? NO COMPARISON! http://twitpic.com/crj1iv  Nixon  forced out of office , Obama NOT YET!

Obama was ILLEGALLY ON 2008 http://goo.gl/es4os    INDIANA PRIMARY BALLOTS & also 2 Indiana DEMs were found guilty of FELONY voter fraud!

Bill Clinton wasn't better than Obama.  Remember Bill was impeached, but shamelessly stayed in office, and was even re-elected!

Obama to Mexico: Drug deaths AMERICA'S FAULT   http://goo.gl/tvynN  Same Obama who was drug user, drug dealing, & arming drug dealers!

Speaking of gun control laws Mr. President, why your cover-up of Fast&Furious?  Why your E/O blocking transparency, protecting you & Holder?

Hume RIPS Juan Williams 4 saying Holder http://goo.gl/3GKpM  PERFECT To Probe his own DOJ - Libs piss & call it rain!Holder is the perp!

Obama meeting with press PRIVATELY to discuss Benghazi COVER-UP http://goo.gl/BpJvn  Twitter REALLY SCARES OBAMA!  Prez "TRANSPARENCY"

Holder to press "We won't spy on you anymore"  http://goo.gl/W0Wn0  He is attorney, do KILLERS GET SAME DEAL?  We will stop killing now?

Obama/Holder lying? YOU JEST  http://goo.gl/aKEtr  Now you see why Congress is given the  job of FINAL APPROVAL over POTUS appointments!

Krauthammer:  http://goo.gl/89aaG  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Y-vy8PSaz-Q Obama was creating Benghazi COVER STORY B4 victims were murdered by terrorists!

CONFIRMED: Benghazi murders cover-up of OBAMA'S ARMS TRANSFER TO al-Qaeda http://goo.gl/atN7o7  BHO SLEEPING W/ & ARMING OUR ENEMIES!

Benghazi TIMELINE DAMNS Obama & cronies     http://goo.gl/GrCQG        Boehner BLOCKING probe of Obama's COMPLICITY into deaths.

Reagan's cure for Fed "disinformation" http://goo.gl/D52gi  so prevalent in LIB circles like Msmedia, LBJ (D), Carter (D), and Obama (uber D)!

CBS N BED W/ WHITE HOUSE http://goo.gl/slmYu  David Rhodes is CEO of CBS News, & his brother Ben Rhodes is member of Obama's Cabinet!

Richard Grenell: Both ABC and CBS presidents have SIBLINGS that work for Obama at the White House http://www.therightscoop.com/richard-grenell-both-abc-and-cbs-presidents-have-siblings-that-work-for-obama-at-the-white-house/ …

Obama Official Married to NBC News Senior Political Editor http://disq.us/8dbp77

CNN's "Crossfire" producer: Mitt partied while "black people drown" http://goo.gl/rIeSKt BUT SILENT on Obama's  $100 MILL African vaca!

When is the last time MSmedia aired non-Obama POLITICIZED PROPAGANDA?.... Thinking ..........Still thinking ........... OK, next question!

Chris, U R starting 2 get the point pic.twitter.com/d8Bb3J2XIN BUT U ARE ALSO FORGETTING HE ALSO RUNS ALL OF MSNBC INCLUDING YOU TOO CHRIS?

Obama & Holder's State Dept http://goo.gl/XqZ79  BLOCKS ATTORNEYS FM PROTECTING BENGHAZI WHISTLE-BLOWERS. Wonder why?   ME NEITHER!

Benghazi WHISTLE-BLOWER HEROS threatened   http://goo.gl/eTA46   by Obama administration!         God bless the whistle-blowers!

BHO DENIED this when it 1st came fm anonymous Benghazi whistleblower http://goo.gl/DeJHP  Now Jnt Chief PROVES BHO LIED!Seals 2hrs away!

Top Benghazi security officer warned us almost a year ago of Taliban in State Dept http://goo.gl/pcgjg   OF COURSE HE WAS FIRED!

CONFIRMED: Benghazi murders cover-up of OBAMA'S ARMS TRANSFER TO al-Qaeda http://goo.gl/atN7o7  BHO SLEEPING W/ & ARMING OUR ENEMIES!

Benghazi is PROOF   http://tny.cz/3a6940dd    Obama's befriending & protection of terrorists is not working to protect innocent Americans!

Obama, tell us again http://goo.gl/jHCio  Why you contracted the terrorist al-Qaida Martyrs Brigade to PROTECT the Benghazi compound?

Whistleblower: one who exposes illegalities N Fed Agencies like Snowden.  TRAITOR: one who CAUSES American DEATHS, like Obama in Benghazi!

Snowden EXPOSED Obama ILLEGALLY SPYING on phone/internet records of OVER 300 MILL AMERICANS http://goo.gl/WFK0r9   LETS GIVE HIM A MEDAL!

Whistleblowers are heros deserving praise & have govt protection by existing law - Traitors R not, do not, & usually hung by existing law!

Obama contracted Al- Qaeda for security for the Benghazi MURDERS http://goo.gl/AIpDl    Wonder why he did that?   ME NEITHER!

CONFIRMED: Benghazi murders cover-up of OBAMA'S ARMS TRANSFER TO al-Qaeda http://goo.gl/atN7o7  BHO SLEEPING W/ & ARMING OUR ENEMIES!

Obama now has Russians providing security 4 US events!   MORE MURDERS AHEAD?    http://goo.gl/mPIqS 

Obama gives automatic weapons to Muslim Syrian rebels, possible terrorists with no BACKGROUND CHECKS.  & tries to DISARM AMERICAN CITIZENS!

Obama OK's spying on citizens http://goo.gl/bse5s    BUT NOT ON MOSQUES?       HE'S NOT FIGHTING TERRORISM,     HE IS FIGHTING PATRIOTISM!

Obama made $1 BILLION U.S. aid "DEAL" w/ Ousted Prez Morsi last year http://goo.gl/ZPTt0  MORE GIFTS OUR MONEY FM OBAMA TO TERRORISTS!

Obama uses "sequestration" as EXCUSE 2 stop Capitol tours, military cuts, BUT NOT $100 MILLION VACAY, OR BILLIONS 2 OUR TERRORIST ENEMIES!

Obama uses SEQUESTRATION 2 ATTACK Conserves & troops  http://tny.cz/97dc6001  2 fund his voters, & continue his agenda 2 destroy America!

Obama “Wishes Away” Terrorism http://blog.heritage.org/2013/05/23/president-wishes-away-terrorism/ … OBVIOUSLY IT'S NOT WORKING?  Maybe stop adding Muslim BH to your cabinet & Fed govt?

Why did Obama LIE about  Benghazi?http://goo.gl/ypPYA   IT'S IRRELEVANT! We may never know! Only truth is THAT OBAMA DID LIE ABOUT IT!

Will Obama's COVER-UP of the four  Benghazi murders      http://goo.gl/0ASf3  FINALLY cause him to lose his illegal Presidency?

Benghazi massacre battle lasted OVER NINE HOURS.  How could anyone know they could not get there in time? PROSECUTE THE STAND DOWN ORDERER!

ONLY Obama or "by his authority "  http://goo.gl/gxJ6I  COULD HAVE MADE THE "STAND DOWN" CALL IN BENGHAZI causing FOUR DEATHS!


Benghazi battle lasted OVER 9 HOURS. How did anyone know they could not get there in time? TWO drones overhead in FIRST & SECOND hour!

Rumors are that Benghazi massacre was allowed, to cover another Obama F&F style "arms deal" with Syria, working through Benghazi.

EXPOSURE: Obama & all other Benghazi COVER-UP CO-CONSPIRATORS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCJXQhJd5zw …  ANOTHER Fast&Furious style arms deal with Syria?

Rumors: Benghazi massacre was allowed, 2 cover another Obama F&F style "arms deal" with Syria, why else INTIMIDATE Benghazi whistle blowers?

Kerry on Benghazi   http://goo.gl/3z6o6  "forget Benghazi"   NEVER!  We want honest answers to yours & BHO's lies & blocking info access.

Carney LIED about Benghazi talking points http://goo.gl/EVwK9  TWELVE revisions and scrubbed of all "TERRORIST" references!


Would Hillary understand that if Chelsea had been Libyan Ambassador, IT WOULD MAKE “HUGE DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT, WHO DID IT”?


OBAMA COVERUPS personal data, OCare details, F&F & Benghazi murders....   http://t.co/gFgOjqIiyQ  NOW DO U SEE WHAT DIFFERENCE IT MAKES?

Huckabee: Benghazi COVER-UP IS AN impeachment risk for Obama http://goo.gl/eMWz1  PUSH IT & MAKE IT HAPPEN!

My short definition of terrorism http://tny.cz/6ff50d3b        and the reason Americans & Israelis ARE NOT!

Iran's Rouhani says Israel threats “laughable” http://reut.rs/14dogmH  sounds like Iranian version of "whistling at night in the graveyard"?

@kirstenpowers10 @krauthammer    My short definition of terrorism      http://tny.cz/6ff50d3b     & the reason Americans & Israelis ARE NOT!

Black flash mobs R NOT singing up-lifting music @ malls. They R racist mobs hunting 4 isolated whites 2 attack! MSmedia protects them!

GR8 racial mix N USA - Semitic, Asian, Black, Hispanic, etc, why ONLY never enslaved Blacks demand REPARATIONS fm we who enslaved no one?

BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE GROWS http://goo.gl/0Gnjs  N all strict gun control states http://goo.gl/HnoZI  not so much in Texas though!

Typical LIBERAL DRIVEL:       Boston terrorists are Anti-gun, but pro-terrorism and PRO-BOMB?  Given $100K  American welfare.

Terrorist has words for Israel   http://t.co/OQwS9qphUq   But his words of wisdom will now have to wait until his tongue heals - PRICELESS!

Who is responsible for the INCREASING danger to Americans http://tny.cz/cb8de669  & infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into Fed govt?

Weiner's "JUNK" again  http://goo.gl/TYF0ax Why do so many of Obama's appointees, CZARS, & CRONIES HAVE THE HIDDEN AL-QAIDA CONNECTION?

Obama SLEEPING W/ THE ENEMY http://goo.gl/KCWTsF  & has become an enemy w/ his agenda 2 destroy America! Remember "flexible" tip 2 PUTIN?

Analyst: Obama has formed strategic alliance with Muslim Brotherhood http://www.worldtribune.com/2013/06/30/analyst-obama-has-formed-strategic-alliance-with-muslim-brotherhood/ …  Do you wonder why?    Me neither!

Muslim Brotherhood BLACKMAILING Obama http://goo.gl/jUZObM  with evidence which will land him in prison! Choices have CONSEQUENCES!

Classic Obama deception http://goo.gl/Z4FPE It's TOP SECRET except when it's not!  Like middleeast "double speak"http://goo.gl/wJTwn

Other than Islam does anyone know of a religion that as U grow closer 2 God, U become more angry & prone 2 INTENTIONALLY murder innocents?

Which party is using guns 2 murder innocents? http://tny.cz/6a73f82f  Doesn't it make U wonder? Me neither! BAN LIBS FM GUN OWNERSHIP!

MILLION MUSLIM MARCH TO WHITE HOUSE ON 9/11/13: AMPAC IN DC http://eventful.com/washington/events/million-muslim-march-white-house-91113-ampac-/E0-001-052957548-4 … Tazers, water cannon, & pig blood works 4 mob control.

Remember "Muslim Million Man March" that ended up being < 200K.   Did U see it in MSmedia??   Another example of Lib VOTER FRAUD technique!

M̶i̶l̶l̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ ..T̶h̶o̶u̶s̶a̶n̶d̶s̶   SHARPTON, BEYONCE, JAY-Z DRAW ONLY "HUNDREDS" IN NYC! More of that good, old LIB style VOTER FRAUD!

"Sharpton Off Scott Free But Not Tawana Brawley"  http://bit.ly/15It8Rl  Is it RACISM to throw blacks UNDER THE BUS? 

Muslim cleric  http://goo.gl/rQZ0Q  says it's a jihadist's RIGHT to soak Americans for welfare.  He does it & Boston terrorists did it.

NY food stamp recipients shipping welfare-funded groceries to relatives in other countries. SIMPLE SOLUTION: drop them from program!

We provided Boston terrorist's welfare  ($100K) & MIT tuition. Then he kills 3 marathon runners & later, an MIT cop. http://tny.cz/7a3cd3dc

Pretty much covers it for all terrorists  http://twitpic.com/ckgg9t      Doesn't  it?  See my definition of terrorism http://tny.cz/6ff50d3b

March 31, 2013 Easter and Chavez Day http://goo.gl/BZ4lh  Obama delivers 117 words for Easter and 664 words for DICTATOR Chavez     WTH?

Why did Obama allow a DoD Muslim cleric http://goo.gl/z2E6A   offer press conference prayer "DAMNING SEAL TEAM 6 TO HELL"  2X despicable!

Obama CLEANSES America's National Day of Prayer   http://goo.gl/857R6   of God, and Christianity!

Obama's promise to MUSLIMS http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kPqE5yAiMgc …        ZAKAT        Is that why American Muslims are exempt from ObamaCare?

What else could it mean?http://twitpic.com/cv5pmu    Islam should lose the "motto",  "Religion of Peace"

Let’s see, Obama DECLARES "war on terror is over"   If Obama REALLY believes that, let's have a big victory speech IN PERSON to the Shi'a?

Hmm, wondering who the Boston terrorists voted for?  One was killed but no prob  -  he was Dem so can still vote!

Vet giving her Arlington grave plot to Boston terrorist murderer http://goo.gl/Rn381  IF OKed I GIVE MINE 2 A WHOLE PIG RT BY HIS PLOT!

Not ALL Muslims are terrorists, but BY FAR MOST terrorists are Muslims.

Remember when the towers came down?  MSmedia showed MILLIONS of Muslims DANCING N THE STREETS.  By far MOST were orthodox, NOT TERRORISTS!

Strange that Obama, Biden, terrorists, & Libs http://goo.gl/x1Bi6  See Congress/Constitution AS THEIR ENEMY? Do they love America?

Another actual CRIME on Obama's LONG LIST http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/05/02/south-carolina-house-passes-nullification-bill-to-make-obamacare-a-crime/ …   S. Carolina House passes nullification bill to make ObamaCare a crime!

BLACKMAIL?  Great question for SCOTUS Chief Justice Edwards - for his REVERSAL on Obama's ObamaCare & GREAT reason  FOR SCOTUS TERM LIMITS!

Let's PROVE what info Obama used to blackmail   http://goo.gl/9gCTV   SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts N 2 REVERSING & SUPPORTING OBAMACARE!

ObamaCare w/ NEW FINES 4 charity hospitals that treat UNINSURED ppl.  http://goo.gl/pXSzrm     Again Obama, HOW DOES THAT HELP THE POOR?

Obama SEEKS ADDITIONAL NEW ObamaCare PENALTIES for charitable hospitals    http://goo.gl/Jpqq7f     WHO TREAT the UNINSURED!

ObamaCare w/ NEW FINES 4 charity hospitals that treat UNINSURED ppl.  http://goo.gl/pXSzrm     Ocare seems more a CASH COW than HC 4 America?

Libs H8 charity. It exposes their LIES that gov. must CONTROL who gets help. It's the Liberal mantra of "CONTROL THE IDIOTS", NOT caring!

Obama's ObamaCare rejects private CHARITY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0pPcBkoyh4  ONLY GOVT CHARITY ALLOWED bcuz it FORCES welfare slaves to vote LIBERAL!

BHO DELAYS ObamaCare DISASTER ANOTHER YR  http://goo.gl/NNBpd  a liars admission of the DAMAGE it will have on healthcare & the economy!

BHO DELAYS ObamaCare DISASTER ANOTHER YR  http://goo.gl/NNBpd  hoping to make it easer for Dems to STEAL 2014 SENATE ELECTIONS!

Free MARKET works N medicine (look @ cosmetic surgery) http://goo.gl/npUWc  SO WHY DOES OBAMA TRY 2 KILL IT W/ OBAMACARE? KILLING AMERICANS!

Real life Top Gun meets Ice Man (Val Kilmer) @  Capitol. Both oppose forcing  Drs. 2 violate religious convictions. pic.twitter.com/ESvtNzotHC

See my recent fax to Obama,  & Congress   http://billbotex.blogspot.com/    No More "Bandaids” For Un-Constitutional ObamaCare!

Society cannot B blamed 4 rad court decisions; Lib judges did that as EXCUSE! http://goo.gl/OkZMK  Flawed society needs SOUND DECISIONS!


PETITION:  STOP CONGRESS fm EXEMPTING ITSELF fm ObamaCare http://goo.gl/2cjHqk  & U WILL STOP OBAMACARE!  THEY PASSED IT/ & don't want it

Obama's internal destruction of America "ObamaCare"    http://goo.gl/d82HQ     Not limited to medicine, but every facet of American life!

BHO's IRS POLITICAL GOONS http://goo.gl/gmYwv  They have been BHO's TAX attack dogs fm 2008, NOW PROMOTED 2 BHO's OCare THUGS!  ABOLISH!


Anyone notice BHO send troops illegally under foreign command N2 Libya, w/out Congress approval, w/ no immediate threat? THAT'S MASS MURDER!

Child ABUSE is my 4 yr old G-daught asked by her pediatrician if her father had a gun in the house, & she answered before I could stop her!

I want 2 locate Twitter groups 2 prevent the disarming by BHO & THE UNITED NATIONS. I did twitter search & found NONE!   THAT MUST CHANGE!

As a point of law  ,"INJURY"   IS NOT REQUIRED for self defense to be used, only the THREAT of deadly force being used against you!

Deadly force justified when U may be knocked unconscious & vulnerable 2 being killed as U lay there, like in black mob's "knockout game".

Obama anti-gun agenda is not 2 reduce gun violence, statistics prove that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ELyG9V1SY&feature=em-subs_digest-vrecs …  His purpose is 2 DISARM AMERICA!    Why?

More people shot N Chicago, BHO's http://goo.gl/Iqvqp  GUN CONTROL "HOOD" than N the war N Egypt!  Disarming citizens NOT WORKING IS IT?

Recent DC arrests PROVE http://goo.gl/aMDEe  Obama NOT DISARMING America 2 stop crime, BUT 2 BOOST CRIME!  Why?  Destruction of America!

These statistics PROVE Obama's intention http://goo.gl/fJo3o  IS NOT TO SLOW DOWN MURDERS, BUT JOIN WITH UN TO DISARM AMERICA!    &  why?

Statistics seem 2 DEBUNK http://goo.gl/zmivo   Claims made by key Lib Gun Control Advocates - Cant we call 'em KEY DISARMAMENT ADVOCATES?

Obama your illegal attack on 2nd amendment DOESN'T PROTECT KIDS, IT INTENTIONALLY DISARMS PATRIOTIC AMERICANS. Why do U, & UN want that?

Why do HEAVY HANDED gun laws like DC, Chicago, NJ, New York, Mich, California, HAVE HIGHEST RATES OF GUNS USED IN MURDERS?

You must see this chart http://jpfo.org/pdf02/genocide-chart.pdf … of world genocide, and notice the common denominator is #guncontrol Hmmmm...

What should STATES DO IF FED GOVT USURPS POWER http://goo.gl/OuiZM   from POTUS Madison SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN FOR OBAMA in late 1700's.

A bill recently passed in Texas forbids state authorities from enforcing new federal gun-control laws http://econ.st/11Ye2Bf 

Missouri Legislature NULLIFIES ALL FED GUN CTRL LAWS http://goo.gl/UhB7K  Via Veto-Proof MAJORITY!  OK follow it /w an ObamaCare Bill!

N American COURTS, murder of pregnant women is 2 MURDERS,   but LIBS don't work well w/ common sense or REASONING!  IT'S ALL AGENDA W/ THEM!

Take my hand Mommy, don't take my life                http://twitpic.com/chi9es            Like you, I also want to live.

"As a former fetus, I oppose abortion"  ~  BillboTex "As a former Muslim, I oppose America"  ~  Barrack Obama

The new GLOBAL COOLING http://goo.gl/KYkkB             is going to p*** on Liberal's "global warming" parade!

EPA honors FAKE EMPLOYEE w/ FAKE EMAIL for past three years  http://goo.gl/IpiWq More of Obama's "TRANSPARENCY"!

The EPA - more of Obama's http://goo.gl/hT2M2   "commitment to an unprecedented level of openness in goverment".  & 1 MORE LIE ADDED!

New document supports   http://goo.gl/zaJng     the fact Obama INELIGIBLE to hold office of POTUS because of his INDONESIAN CITIZENSHIP!

Multiple Obama BCerts presented in his Alabama court case http://goo.gl/DkaL1   all different fm 2012 forgery, but all also fraudulent!

The Ghost of Columbia University video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gWwGvvFeCPs#!          Yes, this Obama LIE truly is RANCID!

Michelle Obama provides succor for our enemies pic.twitter.com/1pl7qpOrKw” but only has hatred in her heart for our patriots!  God bless America

The African Obama family tion is expected to cost YOU & I, $100 MILLION!  I VOTE TO SEND THEM to Disney World since I'm paying!

US POVERTY CONTINUES as Obama sends $7 BILLION to fight poverty N Africa http://goo.gl/KVV2t  while on $100 MILLION family vaca there.

CNN's "Crossfire" producer: Mitt partied while "black people drown" http://goo.gl/rIeSKt BUT SILENT on Obama's  $100 MILL African vaca!

Michelle says WH is like "PRISON" http://goo.gl/klIva  WITH $100 million family "PAROLES" to Africa! FREE of charge to the Obamas!

Unusual that Obama's approval 48% will ALWAYS be the welfare slave voter's current percentage?  Why else INTENTIONALLY double welfare?

When Roosevelt came up with the welfare system, it wasn't meant to become a career path!  Nor slave voters for Obama!

Obama SPENT $11.45 MILLION OF OUR tax $    http://goo.gl/hbc0z  for EACH one of the "CRONY GREEN JOBS" he created. Always RAISING TAXES!

Explain to me again     http://tny.cz/197742b8       How Social Security is an ENTITLEMENT and is part of the Federal welfare slave program

“I’ll have those ni****s voting #Dem for the next 200 yrs." Pres Johnson (D)   LBJ http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/40889 …

President Johnson LBJ (D) was also the one who moved ALL Social Security funds into the General Fund where Congressmen could steal it!

Libs transfer OUR TAX MONEY N 2 the General Fund then steal it. Soc Sec would have over $100 trillion surplus, if Libs had not stolen it!

Libs transfer OUR TAX MONEY N 2 the General Fund then steal it. Obama stole over $700 Billion fm Medicare to FORCE people onto ObamaCare.

America needs ObamaCare like Nancy "You must pass it to find out what's in it" Pelosi needs a Halloween mask. ~~ Jay Leno

Have you heard about McDonald's'new Obama Value Meal?
   Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it ~~ Conan O'Brien

What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
  A fund raiser.
~~ Jay Leno

What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?
One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats to society.
The other is for housing prisoners.
~~ Letterman

What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?
             Bo has papers.
~~ Jimmy Kimmel

What’s the difference between Obama and his dog Bo?        Bo doesn’t eat dog meat! ~~  BillboTex

What was the most positive result of the "Cash for Clunkers" program? It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road. ~~ Letterman

Solution to the problem in Egypt, kill two birds with one stone:  They want a new Muslim leader, GIVE THEM OURS!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fax: Obama's IRS Scandal Is More Than a Scandal - IT'S CRIMINAL & IMPEACHABLE!

Dear Congressional Representative of We The People,
The IRS has long trampled upon Americans’ First Amendment rights, and now that Obama has illegally chosen and adopted them as his personal, political STORM TROOPERS against his political adversaries, it is time to shut the IRS down to stop his abuses!  Under the Obama administration, the IRS has been politicized to an alarming degree.  In fact, the IRS has practically become an ILLEGAL arm of the Obama campaign team to re-elect Obama!  Hillary(D) wrote the draft in 1974 for the impeachment of Nixon (R), charging him with politicalization of the IRS, which forced him out of office.  So why does Obama get a pass on the same crime?

The Daily Caller has revealed that former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House at least 157 times to meet with Obama, developing the “targeting Conservatives” strategy.    Pretty sure no one barges in on the President without invatation?   Shulman met only ONE TIME with Bush during his 8 year administration.

How can President Obama say he had no knowledge of the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups and individuals?  Nonsense and lies,  with the  revelation from the New York Times report that the Inspector General informed senior members of the Obama administration that he was conducting an audit into “the IRS’s screening of politically active groups seeking tax exemptions on June 4, 2012” – 5 months BEFORE the 2012 elections!

In 1974 Hillary Clinton (D) wrote Nixon's(R) Impeachment draft which drove him out of office. Why should Obama be treated any differently?  This was a crime when Nixon did it, and still a crime today!  Obama's politicalization of multiple Federal Agencies like IRS, DOJ, ATF, FBI, Dept of Labor, NLRB, OSHA, the FED, Homeland Security, American military, Department of Education, etc., etc., etc. are all multiple criminal acts.

Obama cronys, when caught in illegal acts can expect PROMOTIONS, like Penny Pritzker: Billionaire business tycoon and former Obama fundraiser who has been tapped as Obama’s Secretary of Commerce even though she http://goo.gl/69YGM  failed to disclose $80 MILLION in personal earnings to IRS.  Shouldn’t she go to jail for that, rather than becoming in charge of America’s commerce?

Congress must act appropriately to ensure that the rights of citizens are protected against internal subversion, unjust "mandates," and politically inspired oppression.   ALL THESE are illegal activities from the President of the United States of America.

We the people are calling on Congress to establish an Independent Counsel to conduct investigations into the Obama’s administration’s POLITICIZATION of the IRS!  And to hold the appropriate individuals right up to the POTUS, responsible for their flagrant disregard for the Constitution, the law,  & the codes they were sworn to uphold.


This fax was sent to POTUS, Gov. Christie, GOP Candidates Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul, Senators Issa, Cornyn, Hutchinson, Rubio, Snowe, McConnell, Reid, Feinstein, Reed, Murray, Boxer, Tester, Kyl, Representatives Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, DeMint, Poe, Rand Paul, Levin, Pelosi, New first-term House Republicans West, Berg, Noem, Crawford, Gosar, Benishek, Nunnelee, Guinta, McKinley, Griffin, Huizenga, Ellmers, Rigell, Womack, Runyan, Heck, Kelly, Herrera, Gardner, Palazzo, Nugent, Lankford, McCarthy, and various Conservative and Liberal media outlets.