My Political Lean

Yes, I am a Conservative.  I guess the general theme of my life is that I am ALWAYS for the people, and I stand against anyone or anything that harms the people.  I stand AGAINST money worship, dishonesty, depravity, celebrity worship, ulterior motives, imprisonment of the human spirit, federal government expansion, elitism, any attempt to restrict individual freedoms, dictators and wanna-be dictators, violence & war unless FORCED by the individual/country confronting me or my country,

I hate no one, I think I am better than no others, I don't feel that everyone MUST do everything my way, I am not afraid to change my opinions but don't engagement me in honest conversation if you have that fear, I am self deprecating - Google it, I try to learn from my experiences, I am charitable but not to demands, I will consider anything but reserve the right to make my own opinions, I am not a HATER - I love easily but not unconditionally unless I receive unconditional love.  Any Questions?  Ask me.