Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Congressional Fax - Stop The Illegal Disarming Of America

Defeat The Obama Gun Grab (S. 649) And All Of Its Anti-Constitutional Amendments..... PERIOD!   This Is An Illegal Tactic Long Fostered By The United Nations, American Political Radicals, Obama, The American Liberal Left, Communists, And Other Enemies Of America!

The 2nd Ammendment guarantees American citizens the right to bear arms,  and to change that REQUIRES an ammendment to the Constitution.  Congress and Obama are required by their OATHS to support the Constitution.  President Obama, the liberal left,  and the United Nations have joined together in this illegal tactic to DISARM American citizens,  opposing our Constitutionally guaranteed right to do so.

Contrary to what Senator John McCain and others in the United States Senate may believe, it is NOT THE JOB of a United States Senator, apart from any actions arising out of a legitimate attempt to actually amend the Constitution, to DEBATE legislative measures which infringe upon the Constitution. And it is certainly not the job of a United States Senator to craft "fixes" or "compromises" or "grand bargains" on legislative measures which infringe upon the Constitution.  Obama and our legislators have sworn an oath, not to do so.  Our Constition is NO MORE A “A LIVING DOCUMENT” than the Bible is!

Let me make myself perfectly clear, the 52 Democratic and 16 Republican Senators who voted to open debate on S. 649 VIOLATED THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE. It's that simple. No elected official must ever even be allowed to consider debating a piece of legislation that so fundamentally violates the God-given Constitutional rights of the American people. Put plainly, you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, NOT "DEBATE" and "SUBVERT" the Constitution.

CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES!  You can't "take back" this gross betrayal. You can, however, start to make it right by defeating S. 649 and all of its anti-Constitutional amendments outright. And that is exactly what the American people expect you to do.

Be forewarned, it is not enough to simply vote against S. 649, after having voted to bring it to the floor in the first place. You must kill it and the horrendous amendments that it has spawned. Anything short of defeating this legislative attempt to subvert the Constitution is totally unacceptable!


This fax was sent to POTUS, Gov. Christie, GOP Candidates Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul, Senators Issa, Cornyn, Hutchinson, Rubio, Snowe, McConnell, Reid, Feinstein, Reed, Murray, Boxer, Tester, Kyl, Representatives Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, DeMint, Poe, Rand Paul, Levin, Pelosi, New first-term House Republicans West, Berg, Noem, Crawford, Gosar, Benishek, Nunnelee, Guinta, McKinley, Griffin, Huizenga, Ellmers, Rigell, Womack, Runyan, Heck, Kelly, Herrera, Gardner, Palazzo, Nugent, Lankford, McCarthy, and various Conservative and Liberal media outlets. 

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