Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Redistribution? LETS GO FOR IT!

In the video below, the same college students who support Obama's redistribution of wealth by increasing taxes on the wealthy, seem to have a "problem" with this petition to allow forcible redistribution of GPA averages by lowering the GPA averages of the best students and using that to raise the GPA averages of the lower struggling students.  They seem to feel that they have "earned" their high GPAs, whereas the highest taxpayers do not deserve to keep the fruits of THEIR labors?  Listen carefully to the video and you will hear several students refuse to sign the GPA Redistribution petition, and complain that they "NEED" the high GPAs that they have worked so hard for.

Most college students don't seem to realize that THEY are the bugs, and REDISTRIBUTION is the windshield.

I wonder if any of these students ever thought that the reason they attend college and work hard,  is because they are doing their best to BECOME a wealthy taxpayer?  Redistribution ONLY works when you take it from OTHERS and put it in YOUR pocket.  Isn't that the definition of felony theft?

Hope this video causes a revelation and then a revolution among the millions of young, college age voters who thoughtlessly jumped on the Obama bandwagon!


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