Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Speak the truth, even if bitter” - Muhammad

I Pamphlet from www.citizenwarrior.com
“Speak the truth, even if bitter” Muhammad

Some things you probably don’t know about

1. When Muhammad was in his fifties he married a girl (Aisha) who was just six years old. The marriage was consummated when she was nine.  This is one of the reasons why child brides are still common in the Muslim world. On coming to power in Iran in 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini reduced the age at which a girl could be married to 9 years, thus following the example of Muhammad.

2. Muhammad participated in the massacre of 800 Jewish men who had surrendered themselves following a famous battle. Trenches were dug and they were all beheaded and their bodies thrown into the trenches.
The women and children were distributed among the victorious Muslims
as slaves.

3. When a woman came to Muhammad confessing that she had
conceived a child out of wedlock, he said that she should wean the child
and then be stoned to death. This sentence was duly carried out. In
1994, a Sharia court in Nigeria passed the same judgement against
Amina Lawal thus following Muhammad’s example exactly. Because
Muhammad’s behaviour is seen by Muslims as sacrosanct these kinds of
laws will be almost impossible to change.

4. Muhammad supported the use of slavery. He gave away slaves as
gifts. He owned all kinds of slaves including males, females and Black
slaves. He passed around slaves for the purpose of sexual pleasure for
his companions - men who were his chief lieutenants. He stood by and
prayed while others beat slaves. He shared the pleasure of forced sex
with female slaves after conquest. He captured slaves and sold them to
raise money for warfare.

5. Muhammad told his followers to raid caravans in order to boost the
economy of his fledgling state in Medina. Bandits and pirates need look
no further for justification.

6. Muhammad said, “Whoever insults a prophet, kill him”; this is one of
the reasons why Muslims are so intolerant of anyone mocking
Muhammad…and why anyone doing so is liable to get killed. It is also the
reason why Islamic law requires the execution of anyone insulting
Muhammad or Islam. A Christian woman in Pakistan is currently facing
execution for “insulting Muhammad”.

7. Muhammad said, “Whoever leaves Islam, kill him”; this why it is so
difficult for Muslims to leave Islam. Abdul Rahman was flown to safety in
Italy from Afghanistan in 2004 because he was threatened with execution
for converting to Christianity. Many others are less lucky. Islamic law
requires that those leaving Islam be executed. Islamic countries are
campaigning to get criticism of Islam outlawed worldwide. They are
pursuing this via the United Nations (and making good progress!).

8. Under Islamic law, the testimony of a woman is worth half that of a
man. That means that under Islamic law a woman is half as believable as
a man.

9. At the end of his life, Muhammad boasted that he had been “made
victorious through terror”. Is it any wonder that many Muslims are
engaged in terrorism?

10. He also declared that he had been ordered to make war on nonbelievers
until the whole world was dominated by Islam.

11. It is stated 91 times in the Koran that Muslims must follow the
example of Muhammad in every detail. Just ponder the implications of

These are a small sample of facts about Islam. It should be enough to
show you that the founder of Islam was a brutal warlord and that his
words and deeds have given Islam its brutal and intolerant character. It is
difficult to see what good can come from the teachings of a man like
Muhammad. Take a look at the world and you will see that many of the
most oppressive, brutal and backward societies are strongholds of Islam.
They have become like this by following the teachings of Muhammad.
Islam now has a foothold in your country and we are seeing increasing
pressure to make our society more Islamic. Do you want to live in such a

If the answer is “no”, it is important that you find out more about
these issues.

You can do so at:
(You can download, print and distribute this leaflet at
“Speak the truth, even if bitter” Muhammad


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  2. Not only scary, but downright crazy when you realize we are footing the bill for their population explosion here in the United States. They do not buy health insurance because it is considered a form of gambling, so we're paying it instead! I realize the Amish also don't pay for their health insurance, but at least they are Pacifist and & aren't trying to kill us. Please note, everyone has to buy auto insurance including Muslims or they don't drive. How is this different? Just ticked, I suppose.
    Thank you for the post.

  3. The word I was searching for is Dhimmitude.

  4. Thanks trailbee, I am going to definitely let my legislators know my opposition to that one!

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