Monday, June 6, 2011

Republicans - 22 Democrats - 0

Winners, Whiners, and Weiners


I believe the GOP can unseat Obama in 2012, and it won't be easy but there are probably only a couple of ways for the GOP to screw it up.  The GOP winners could create a return to small government and conservative, Constitutional values.  Here are the disasterous mistakes that I believe we could make which might derail GOP momentum and saddle us with another term with Obama, and possible irreversible damage to the Unites States of America.  To become winners, we must avoid making these mistakes at all costs!

Diluting GOP votes by voting for non-GOP, fringe, and "DEM ringer" candidates.

Diluting GOP votes by entrapment into fringe issues instead of constantly emphasizing the major differences between the GOP and DEMs.

Dishonor pre-election promises.

GOP against GOP elitist attacks & "giving up" - see WHINERS below.  Lets leave all the "elitist" crap for the DEMs.  It has no place with the GOP if we really want the opportunity to take back America, and 2012 might be the last best chance to do that.

Depend on mainstream media to accurately report GOP principles.

Relaxing constant vigilance to detect DEM voter fraud.


Actions are at least, just as important as the words.  If you say you are going to do something, then do it!  If you give up now before the primaries, you would have probably given up prior to the elections.  GOP examples of this are Ross Perot who "imploded" toward the end of his 1992 candidacy for POTUS, and then changed his mind for the third time to reenter his candidacy.  He tried again in 1996, but had obviously left a bad taste in voter's mouths.  More recent examples of this are the Barbour, Daniels, Huckabee, and Trump withdrawals coupled with a lot of whining and waffling from them all.


Still think "character" has no importance in our elected officials.  How is that change working for you now?  Even DEMs know how important it is.  That's why they try to compare GOP faux pas to DEM moral collapse.

Carefully go down this list of famous politicians/celebrities and answer truthfully whether you like them or dislike them overall. Keep score as you go down the list.  If you like more of the R's than the D's what does that tell you about your own sense of morality?

(R) Ronald Reagan                                        (D) John Kerry

(R) George Bush Sr.                                      (D) Ted Kennedy

(R) Sammie Davis Jr.                                    (D) Barney Frank

(R) George W. Bush                                      (D) Hillary Clinton

(R) John Wayne                                            (D) Rev. Jesse Jackson

(R) Rudy Giuliani                                         (D) Bill Clinton

(R) George Pataki                                         (D) John Edwards

(R) Jackie Robinson                                     (D) Bill Ayers (Marxist domestic fed bomber)

(R) Chuck Norris                                         (D) Al Sharpton

(R) Bob Dole                                                (D) Elliot Spitzer

(R) Nat King Cole                                         (D) Rev. Wright

(R) Roger Clemens                                       (D) Michael Moore

(R) Jimmy Stewart                                        (D) John Holdren (compulsory abortion)

(R) The Salvation Army                                 (D) Black Panther

(R) Jesse Owens                                             (D) Carol Browner (Socialist)

(R) Tony Danza                                              (D) Ben Affleck

(R) Elvis Presley                                             (D) Common (rap singer)

(R) Bob Hope                                             (D) Cass Sunstein (animals sue humans)

(R) Booker T. Washington                              (D) Van Jones (communist)

(R) Bruce Willis                                              (D) Tim Robbins

(R) Wilt Chamberlain                                    (D)   George Soros

(R) Amway                                                 (D) Acorn (Obama's former employer)

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