Thursday, June 30, 2011

BillboTex'sTop Ten List

Top Ten List for David Letterman

Reasons To Give up on Your anti-Conservative Tirades

10.  Embarrassment over Palin public comment on the Glenn Beck Show, for recommended lipstick shade for Letterman's lips.

09.   Your hairpiece ALWAYS looks much nicer when you are not spasming against Conservatives. 

08.  One word (from Dr. Phil) - "schizoid LIBERAL whacko".

07.  Limbaugh just joined your writing staff.

06.  Your recent rejection from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, even in the face of support from previous winner President Obama.

05.  Writers consensus that it makes you appear "Janeane Garofalo - like".

04.  The potential ratings drop for the Late Show with David Letterman if Obama loses the election in November 2012.

03.  Private advice communicated to you from Nancy Pelosi, through Barney Frank.

02.  Your desire to appear "fair & balanced" to your son.

And the #1 reason to give up your anti-Conservative tirades….

01.  It's the best strategy to block potential Glenn Beck TV takeover of the Late Show with David Letterman.

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