Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TSA Thugs

Today I called Gov Perry's office (512) 463-1782 to register my support for two Texas bills that he seems to be not supporting.  The bills are HB 41 and SB 29.

Texas State Rep. David Simpson sponsored these commonsense bills to prohibit TSA officials in Texas from groping people's privates as a condition for them to travel or enter a public building.

But the bureaucrats working at the TSA and DOJ didn't like this restriction.  They threatened to create what amounts to a no-fly zone over Texas after the bill sailed unanimously through the Texas State House.  After a brief fight in the Senate, the bill was pulled without a vote because the necessary two thirds of Senators were not present to vote on the bill.  Sounds a lot like the trick that Wisconsin Democrats legislators pulled when they fled Wisconsin to try to prevent a vote on Union reform there.  What about a bill including at least a pay/benefit reduction when legislators don't show up for their jobs?

I spoke with one of Gov Perry's staff and asked for his support for the two bills.  I asked her if I could submit a comment that the Governor would see, and she told me that she could record my comment.  I explained that this was just another example of the Obama administration attempting to use Chicago style "bullying" tactics to force their socialist agendas.  I told her that it would be political suicide and an empty threat for the Obama administration to implement a "no fly zone" in ANY State in America - and since there are several states currently working on bills to reject the TSA, that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the Obama administration to try any such nonsense in MULTIPLE States!  I reminded her of the rumors that Gov. Perry might enter the current presidential race, and asked her to ask him to think about possible consequences to his bid if he were to fold to the Obama bullying tactics.

If you live in Texas, ever lived in Texas, or even if you don't live in Texas, I urge you to stand up for liberty and call Gov. Perry's office to express your patriotic views.   Maybe your state is not considering similar legislation right now, but if you don't support freedom in other states, it may never GET TO your own state.  Right now approx 20% of my political contributions go to conservative candidates IN STATES OTHER THAN MY OWN STATE, including three contributions several months ago AGAINST Wisconsin Democrats who did not support the Union reform, and cowardly fled Wisconsin to avoid a vote.  It didn't work for them then, and by the grace of God, will NEVER work.  Yes I am a Texan, and yes I can have an influence on politicians for whom I can not vote!

God Bless America to stand against injustices such as these!

BREAKING NEWS:  Gov. Perry adds Texas TSA bill to special session.  AUSTIN, Texas (June 20, 2011) – On Monday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry presented legislation for consideration in the ongoing Eighty-Second Texas Legislature, First Called Session that would ban intrusive TSA pat-downs.

The move comes after a videotaped discussion at a book signing between a Texas resident and the governor went viral. In the widely circulated YouTube video, Perry indicated that he would not present the TSA bill unless there were enough votes in the House and Senate for passage. When the constituent indicated the support existed, Perry acted surprised and then went on to say he didn’t think there was enough time to get the legislation passed.

The bill will move forward in the Special Session as HB 41.  Sources close to the Tenth Amendment Center tell us to expect at least 10 other states considering similar legislation in the 2012 legislative session. Utah and Michigan have already joined in.


  1. Great post. Makes me think about where I live. I can understand California not doing anything, which we are-not doing anything-but Texas is a big surprise. What %age is the state now, as to voters? Is he trying to appease someone or get something for later on down the road? I think the TSA should definitely profile and then it we could fly in peace again.
    I think we always spend our money wisely out of state, until it comes to bite us in the butt. Mine did with Scott Brown. It seems that no matter who I support, I still can't dislodge Boxer, and Feinstein is coming up in '12 and she'll be even more difficult to remove. Probably impossible.
    I guess we'll just keep on trying.

  2. Thanks for the comment trailbee. I hope I haven't missed any of your comments?

    I am in Corvallis Oregon right now, on an 8 day photo loop through Seattle, Portland, Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, Corvallis, Pacific coast, Tacoma, and back to Seattle. Thats why there has been no "serious" posts from me...hahaha.

    Will have more pics, commentary, and comments when I get back to Houston on June 20!

  3. Na, I'm old and slow, and you haven't missed a thing. Enjoy the trip before their weather gets too crazy! BTW They let you in there? Those are two real Lib states. Just don't talk or write anything! :)

  4. Is this what you were talking about: http://www.redstate.com/erick/2011/06/17/rick-perrys-scandalous-skeletons-come-out-of-the-closet/ ?

  5. Tell the administration to withhold funding from TSA until they respect the Constitution and the public:


    1. Remove and destroy all imaging machines that potentially can "see" under our clothing.
    2. Cease and desist all invasive patdowns that involve touching genitalia unless there is probable cause to believe that the individual has committed a crime.
    3. Cease immediately harassment of people who assert their constitutional rights during airport screening.