Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who's the Flake?

Liberals aren't the only ones who commit gaffs.

Chris Wallace committed a big one when he asked presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in an on camera Fox interview if she was a "flake".  Ms. Bachman rightly was insulted and offended by the question which had been previously only used for attacking her, by liberal pundits and democrats, but replied responsibly by spotlighting her experiences in politics, business, charities, family responsibilities, education reform, and as a candidate for President for the United States of America.  She also let Chris know that she didn't appreciate that type of insulting attack from Chris Wallace.  Chris appeared shaken on camera, but didn't publically apologize until he received a deluge of calls, faxes, and e-mails demanding his apology.

Pretty good answer....for a "Flake"?

Pretty good apology....for a "caught in the act", potential "Flake"?

Pretty good photographic "proof"....of the real "Flake"?

Revealed by video self incrimination, the "Flake In Chief"!....Sans teleprompter.

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