Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nepotism, Cronyism, and Favoritism

A post by John Hayward on Daily Events

“Prior to this week, Kathleen McGrade was a “contract specialist” for the State Department.  That means she had a hand in doling out million-dollar contracts.  A lot of those contracts were doled out to the Sterling Royale Group, which offers design and construction services.  Over $52 million taxpayer dollars flowed into Sterling Royale’s coffers before it was discovered that its president and vice-president are Kathleen McGrade’s daughter and her husband, respectively.

Just as the public was gathering its breath for a good, old fashioned howl of outrage, the State Department sacked Kathleen McGrade.  Huzzah!  Big Government is clean once again!"

Where are the criminal charges for the “redistribution” of $52 MILLION taxpayer’s dollars?

Or do you think there could be more Kathleen McGrades out there?  Instead of joining with Mexico in federal lawsuits against TWO American states, to prevent them from enforcing EXISTING federal immigration law, maybe Mr. Holder should be directed by President Obama, to find all the Kathleen McGrades out there?  And prosecute ACTUAL crime.

How are those massive Obama subsidies for politically favored projects being ladled out?  Looks like favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism are the yardsticks of the Obama administration.  When the government picks winners and losers in the marketplace, tossing around bailouts and penalties, what criteria are used to select the “winners?”  It’s obviously not efficiency or productivity, or else we wouldn’t be caught in a death spiral of stagnant growth, rising inflation, and sky-high unemployment.  

There is no such thing as “clean” Big Government.   The only way to increase the honesty and transparency of the State is to reduce its size.   Clean governments are, without exception, small.   Government control of the economy, from bailing out corporate failures to subsidizing politically favored “transformative” industries, is all about neutralizing the results of competition.   The opposite of competition is monoply and corruption.   Anyone who wanted to compete with Kathleen McGrade’s daughter and husband for those State Department contracts could tell you all about it.  What stories they must have to tell?”


  1. Is that something like the Feinstein Saga in CA?

  2. Did she do the same thing? What the hell is wrong with those Democrats?

  3. Democrats LOOOOOOVE money, but do not like to appear greedy or money-hungry, or hate to appear to their less fortunate constituents as though they actually WORK for it. So, they promise entitlements and goodies, all the while helping themselves to their "fair share" for their hard work. They paint conservatives as capitalists, avaricious, uncaring money-loving Bible-bangers. Well, I think someone should do a little survey of who actually owns what in Congress and the Senate. Remember when the Dems 'owned' the Congress? How did those people get there? Who actually footed THEIR bills, and please don't leave out people like Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Reid, Kerry, Edwards, etc. Guess what? Yes, they do have a lot of money, but they just LOVE to steal it from us hapless taxpayers, and give it away pretending that they actually earned it themselves. BS! Dems are devious, dishonest, self-aggrandizing, always praying for re-election - like every other politician on this great planet. That's what's wrong with them. Was this too long? Hahaha

  4. Nope, not too long trailbee - Well said!