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Memory Loss, or HONOR loss?

Memory Loss, or Honor Loss?
This was originally posted by Pastor Ron Budwine on

1.  It all began in the early stages of his run for the office of POTUS when he couldn't even remember his then-friend and Paster Rev. J. Wright was said to have "spewed" his now-famous hate speech while he attended services in Rev. Wright's church!

2. Then he couldn't remember ever being told about his associate, and neighbor, Professor Wm. Ayres being a leader of a home-grown terrorist movement called the Weather Underground and Communist, with his wife Bernadine Dohrnalso a Communist (they met at a Communist Party USA meeting!

3.  After winning the office of POTUS, he couldn't remember his promise to rid the Halls of Power in Washington, D.C. of all those "pesky" lobbyist that were thought to have caused corruption in government circles!

4.  He forgot that “Navy Corpsman” is not pronounced “Navy Corpseman”!

5.  He forgot his iron-clad promise to read every bill "line by line" to insure that NO "pork" was included, and was best for "The People"!
 6. He forgot that his choice for Sec. Of Treasury Geithner, was a proven "Tax Cheat" by his own admission!

7.  He forgot there were 50 states in the United States, rather than the 57 states he said he had visited.  Maybe that’s why he was gone for so long?

8. He forgot he had mentioned in his book “Dreams From My Father”, of a story in Life magazine that influenced him - about a black man trying to bleach his skin white. No such article could be found in Life or Ebony.  He also forgot that close friend, Communist,  and Weather Underground terrorist claims publically to have written the Obama book!

9. He forgot when on July 15, 2011, he said his birthday was in a week – Guess he forgot that his forged birth certificate says his birthday wouldn’t be until THREE weeks later, on August 4th!

10. He forgot that he was supposed to have a budget for every operating year for the government!

11. He forgot he had refused to answer the “Is homosexuality immoral” question by Chief of Staff Ge. Pace – a few weeks later after pressure from gay groups, he issued a statement that he did not agree with Pace that homosexuality is immoral!

 12. He forgot as a law professor, that the enemy captured in the field of battle were considered P.O.W.'s, not common criminal's to be tried in civilian court!

 13. He forgot that in "ObamaCare" people cannot keep their regular doctor as stated in public!

14. He forgot his forged birth certificate says he was born in 1961, but said in church that his parents had first met on March 1965, on “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama!

15. He forgot that as a signee of the Geneva Convention, that just like in WWII enemy combatants, not wearing uniforms and carrying identification ication can be hung as spies!

16. He forgot that both American bombs were dropped in Japan – one was NOT dropped at Pearl harbor!

17. He forgot that there is NO separate “Australian language”!

18. He forgot that the President should not attempt to disgrace the members of the Supreme Court in public, or before a Joint meeting of Congress!

19. He forgot when he wrote down the wrong year (2008) as he was signing into the Westminister Abbey guest book (2011) on a UK visit!

20. He forgot that is was important to fill his cabinet with people who were not tax cheats like Treasury Secretary Geithner, and Secretary of health & Human Services Daschle, and then daschle’s replacement Sebelius, and deputy director Office of Management and Budget Killefer, US trade representative Kirk, Labor Secretary Solis,  and Van johnson is a Communist who had to resign as one of Obama's czars!

21. He forgot that he publicly stated to the American people that his main focus was on JOB's every year he has been in office, yet unemployment has risen every year he has been in office!

22. He forgot when he refused to release 4 of his 32 czars as required in a bill passed by congress. That he had attacked Bush for using signing statements several years earlier, and promised that HE would NEVER do that!

 23. He forgot that he told the American people if we just "talked" to our enemies, and reached out to them, relations would become better, he did, and relations haven't become better, only worse with time!

24. He forgot that President Bush has been out of office for three years, and HE is calling the shots!
25. He forgot that HE called for the "hate-speech" to stop on both sides of "The Isle", but then condoned his Party's attacks, and Hoffa’s union threats on anyone opposed to Obama’s agenda including his V.P.

 26. He forgot that even he is accountable to the American people,and Congress by the Rule of Law!

 27. He forgot that the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are still in effect, and he swore an oath to defend and uphold them before God!

I thought it appropriate to stop here, on the 27th item, knowing full well, this list could go on forever, but my fingers are getting tired.  Even with this incomplete list of issues, to the casual reader it would seem as though we have a person holding the most powerful position in the world who has trouble remembering some very important items, including the most important one listed which is he forgot WHO he works for and answers directly to - the American people!  He claimes to be a Constitutional Professor, but had sealed access to all records that could prove that!  He and his wife Michelle both turned their law licenses in to the Illinois Attorney registration and Disciplinary Commission, which are also sealed because they were “voluntarily” turned in.

Maybe the main stream media should get off Michelle Bachmann’s back, or at least fairly report Obama’s mistakes/lies?

With all these things having been pointed out, I believe that this verse from the Book of Psalm,Ch. 109:8 says it all!

Pastor Ron Budwine
Laus Deo"

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