Saturday, September 10, 2011

Union LOVE vs Tea Party VIOLENCE

Union Love vs Tea Party Violence

Here are video and still documentation of the difference between Unions events and Tea Party events



Notice in the Union video above how clean the grounds are around their feet.  Everyone is being very careful to be sure not to leave trash lying around on the ground because someone might get hurt....................accidentally?

People getting to know each other, lots of idle chit-chat going on...

This Union rally at the Wisconsin Capitol was kept very clean because  the union members knew that a lot of cheese is made in Wisconsin, so every effort was made to keep all cheese as clean as possible.

At this union rally, the members had gotten a little tired from a long prayer vigil, so everyone went home after the ambulances left, to get some rest so they could get up early the next morning to come down and tidy up a little.

Here is absolute proof of the nasty old Tea party mobs - the union members had put all their trash in garbage cans, and all of a sudden the Tea Party set their dogs on the Union members, and the dogs, when they weren't biting, started pulling union trash out of the garbage cans.  You can see in the picture how the dogs frightened all the kids at the rally!

This was a joint rally where the Union members protested on the RIGHT side of the fence (they were all chuckling because they "were on the right", and The Tea Party mob was on the left side of the fence, screaming out racist insults.

The union members are such health nuts!  Someone suggested they do calisthenics while waiting for the next speaker.

Notice the clean grounds around their feet, and I think it must have been a cool morning, because looks like someone dropped their gloves as they were lending them to another lady who didn't have any gloves....oops, looks like the lady left already?

Here three union members are helping a comrade get on his scooter because he had to leave the rally early.  Notice the other union members in the background are busy picking up the trash while they are waiting with nothing to do.

 A police officer rushes to help a union member having an epileptic episode, who bumps into the back of a fellow union brother, who is pushed forward, while the third union brother tries to catch him before he falls to the ground and hurts himself.

You can just SMELL the love at these union rallys!


Here, a Sheet Metal Union Workers Local No. 104, who works part time in the evenings as a chiropractor gives an "adjustment" to another brother who got a kink in his neck.

Careful with the children on this one!  An evil, racist Tea Party member has created an obscene rap song for a video he is trying to get on Cartoon Network!

As he gyrates back and forth singing the hideous rap song, you can see the trash and filth all over the ground as the camera follows his racist dance.

Here is a Tea Party trans-gendered member.  He/she has horrible, slimy Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) slogans written all over the back of the innocent looking sign he/she "appears" to be holding.

Look carefully and you will see that there is a small innocent child who had been dragged to the mob rally, and the child appears to me "mesmerized" by the obscene nature of the back of the sign.

Right before I took this picture, the rest of the mob was kicking all the trash and filth out of the picture frame, so it would not appear here in this picture - believe me it was horrible!

This picture just speaks for itself - one of the Tea Party flash mobsters brandishing a black (racist) sign, threatening the transparent laws, past in the open (although late at nite because its cooler then when one has to carry 2000+ pages) by our President!

Notice her "sista", name calling and defaming progressives EVERYWHERE!  And as usual the filthy trash's actually kinda "behind" them.

Again the filthy trash - I can almost smell it from here!  I had to throw away all the clothes I was wearing at this rally!

Here the Tea Party only had 7 people show up for this rally, but the same forger who forged President Obama's Hawaiian Record of Live Birth, also PHOTO-SHOPPED this picture, duplicating the 7 people 143,857.1429 times.  If you look carefully it is obvious that most of them are wearing the same 7 caps!

Also notice the forged layer hides all the filthy trash the 7 left on the street!  I think the Tea Party had to pay a little extra for that?

Here two drunken midgets, who got to the Tea Party mob event late, because they had been out all night for a "midget tossing" contest at one of the local bars.

This Tea Party reveler obviously rented these two kids at the local Rent-A-Kid Center - they look nothing like him!  Notice both are MUCH shorter!

Notice the other mob member sitting next to the female Rent-A-Kid - the "both hands clasped on the right knee" is the International LGBT sign indicating "I am available - TO ANYONE".

HEY LOOK!  Here are Tea Party mob members cleaning up after their..... no, wait, this is some Tea Party members who volunteered to clean up the UNION side of the "Joint" Rally at Boston on February 22, 2011............ Never mind, I will delete this picture later!

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