Monday, April 23, 2012

TRUE Patriots of 2012

Who are the TRUE patriots who will make a difference to RESTORE America in 2012?

Will it be the Conservative voters who voted against Obama in 2008 and will vote against him again in 2012?   This is the group that I am a member of.  This group was patriotic in 2008 and will again be patriots in 2012, but I think will not be the TRUE patriots in 2012.

Will it be the “angry” Conservatives whose favorite candidate may not be the GOP primary winner?  Who voted against Obama in 2008, but their failure to vote or failure to vote wisely could possibly re-elect Obama in 2012.  Who are so angry at all other GOP candidates that they lose sight of the ONLY GOAL of patriots who want to restore America in 2012 – and that is to vote for the GOP primary winner in 2012, which is the ONLY person with the chance to unseat Obama.  Most “angry” Conservatives LOVE their GOP favorite, but actually join LIBERALS in attacking all other GOP candidates with unfounded accusations of lies and other personal attacks.  So what makes them any different from LIBERALS?  “Angry” Conservatives will instead either:
                   1.       Not vote in 2012, or
                   2.      Vote for a third party candidate in 2012, or
                   3.      Vote a write-in candidate in 2012, or
                   4.      Vote for ANYONE other than the GOP primary winner in 2012 
unless it happens to be their favorite.

Obama will only need 3% to 7% of the total vote to win re-election in 2012.  So if the “angry” Conservatives make any of the four choices above, and at a level of 3% to 7% of the total vote, they can re-elect Obama.  The PARADOX is that “angry” Conservatives are the ONLY ONES who can re-elect Obama, but if they vote and vote wisely, they could BECOME the TRUE patriots, but they will have to totally TRANSFORM their current perceptions of the importance of defeating Obama in 2012, and realize that the GOP primary winner will be the only and possibly the LAST opportunity to do that.  But I think the “angry” Conservatives will be UNABLE to make such a transformation because of their intense anger, so will not be the TRUE patriots in 2012.

Will it be Independent and Liberal voters who voted for Obama in 2008 and will vote for him again in 2012.  I think no, not them, but I believe that these voters will NOT be able to re-elect Obama without support from the “angry” Conservatives.  There are 3 major categories in this group;
“Dependent” Voters
Welfare voters including food stamp recipients - probably a plus 10% over 2008 Obama voters.
Bottom 47% who pay ZERO federal income tax – probably a plus 3% over 2008 Obama voters.
Student loan voters – probably no change from 2008 Obama voters.
Unemployment recipient voters – probably no change from 2008 Obama voters.

“Paid” Voters
Federal employee voters – probably a plus 3% over 2008 Obama Federal voters.
Both Federal and State union member voters – probably a plus 5% over 2008 Obama Union voters.
“Constituent” Voters
Black voters – probably a minus 7% over 2008 Obama Black voters.
Hispanic voters – probably a minus 13% over 2008 Obama Hispanic voters.
Jewish voters – probably a minus 12% over 2008 Obama Jewish voters.
Student vote – probably a minus 10% over 2008 Obama student voters.
Women voters – probably a minus 9% over 2008 Obama women voters.
 "Fraudulent" Voters
Union, military absentee ballot, "community organizer" ACORN style votes, and "dead" voters - probably 6% over Obama's fraudulent 2008 votes.

Or will it be the Independent and Liberal voters who voted for Obama in 2008 and because of their disappointment and even FEAR of the effects of Obama’s INTENTIONAL agenda to destroy America, will NOT vote for Obama again in 2012.  These are the groups that made a mistake and TRULY believed the DECEPTION of Obama in 2008.  A desire to FUNDAMENTALLY transform America is only a goal of a deceiver who has NO LOVE of America.  This is the group that BEST understands this now, and is the group that I believe will be the TRUE patriots of 2012!

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