Monday, April 4, 2011

Just an AMAC Suggestion

E-mail sent April 4, 2011 to AMAC

I cut up my AARP card and joined AMAC almost two years ago, and I have a feeling now that I should give you a suggestion.

Don't make the same mistake that AARP made.  I have only needed one piece of information from you in the two years since I joined AMAC.  I set up my Medicare A/B, setup my TRSCare, and called you to get info about possible Medicare supplement plans which would also include dental coverage.  You dropped the ball on that one, even though I see lots of AMAC advertising almost everyday about how much you can help members with that.

Your representative seemed very busy, told me in the 45 second call, that you couldn't be much help to me with that.  He suggested that I call my old workplace human resources to see if they offered anything to retirees.  That was a typical AARP tactic, flashy advertising/little help (but even they offer more help than AMAC offered me).  I got the job done through Cobra, but was disappointed with the lack of help from AMAC.

When I received my new AMAC membership "card", yes it was paper that I had to print on my printer.  AARP always sent out nice plastic cards.

So if you offer less help to members, and lower operating costs by downgrading quality for members, then you must really be contributing the extra money you are saving, toward conservative causes favoring your membership?  AARP contributed millions from their membership dues to ObamaCare support for Obama/Reid/Pelosi, and stand to receive in return a billion dollar payback if we fail to defund ObamaCare!
The problem is that I see almost daily "recruiting" ads from AMAC praising the help you give your members - but almost NO information on how YOU are spending MY membership fees for causes promoting MY interests?

If this is your grand plan, then at least it will be MUCH easier to cut up AMAC membership "cards"?  Learn from the AARP experience, or slide down the same slippery slope.

I expect a reply to my concern, including how and how much you are spending to promote my Conservative causes, but please, NO FORM LETTERS!  I am especially interested in the AMAC contribution specifics for this year.  I am posting this e-mail in my Blog, forwarding it to my conservative friends (3200+ on FaceBook), and will add your response to my blog, when I receive it from you.  We are waiting?

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