Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obama Fax - Illegal Immigrants

ObamaSENT THIS FAX ON April 2, 2011

PRIVACYSpring, TX 77379

President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

You have made a lot of troubling, pro-amnesty statements recently. Do you really believe that illegal aliens deserve an amnesty when 22 million Americans can't find a job?

In addition to my opposition to your goals for change to our Constitution, redistribution of wealth, ObamaCare socialized medicine, secular government, Islamization of America, Federal government's intrusive abuse of private, individual rights, Federal bailouts using taxpayer money, and not last nor least, I also oppose your toleration of illegal immigration, seeking help at the ballot box from illegal alien votes, while ignoring the danger to Americans and the effect on taxpayers and unemployed Americans.

Recently, you said: "My hope is that they begin to recognize over the next year that we can't solve this problem [illegal immigration] without taking a broad, comprehensive approach.... The politics of this are difficult, but ultimately I am confident that we are going to get it done."

I promise to do everything in my power to make sure that you DO NOT get it done

First a rhetorical question - Do you actually believe that actually fixing America's illegal immigration debacle requires a "comprehensive approach" and why are you even spending time trying to get an amnesty passed when 22 million Americans cannot even find a job? Everyone knows that "comprehensive" is a codeword for a mass amnesty for illegal aliens -- something you have supported throughout your short political career - possibly looking for another source of undeserved votes? You should be looking out for jobless Americans instead of the illegal aliens who pose both a terrorist and criminal danger, at tremendous cost to taxpayers, and keep Americans out of a job? There is an irony that because of your search for votes from illegal sources, you may lose your OWN job as POTUS. Of course along with your many other attacks against the Constitution of the United States (which you are sworn to uphold).

I pray you recognize your Constitutional requirement for SERVICE to the people, and start trying to get Americans back in U.S. jobs instead of trying to keep illegal aliens in those jobs. But if my prayers are not answered before the next election in 2012, I promise to use my contributions and my time to make sure that We The People do not have to continue to endure your abandonment of our Constitution in your quest for a New World Order. We the people are again experiencing from your administration, the same thing our ancestors fought and died for - TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

Feeling unrepresented,


P.S. Also contrary to your public statement, we ARE a Christian people, and you ignore that at your spiritual peril.


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  1. Since he is a muslim....he wants the poor mexicans on his side just so he can use them for his own "slaves" and they are too slow to know this. All he wants is their votes; otherwise he'd just throw them under the bus.