Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tears Just Don't Get The Job Done

One of the sad trends I have noticed from my point of view as a homeowner over the years is an alarming increase of skilled craftsmen who give up on completing any job that I have hired them to do.  My most disappointing memory is a contractor I hired in Florida to repair a shower stall leak, which was made more difficult because the concrete “pan” below the shower needed to be removed and replaced.  I had made a small partial “good faith” payment, and the remodeler struggled with the job two days, walked off without notice, leaving the job unfinished, and bathroom in a shambles.  I never heard from this man again.  I worried where had the societal value to “get the job done”, gone?

It appears to have happily moved up into our Congressional venues.  TEA Party Nation founder Judson Phillips, in a massive e-mailout to members, has encouraged them to dump Boehner both as Speaker of the House, and as a US Congressman.  Phillips believes that the speaker has been bitten by the pervasive “no can do” bug!

Mr. Phillips, believes we are close to a unique opportunity to complete the goal of halting President Obama’s rush to re-distribute funds from tax payers to non-taxpayers.  "Our ultimate strategy here needs to be to make sure the debt ceiling is not raised," Phillips wrote. "If we can win this one, Congress will be forced to make changes.”

Sadly, Boehner appears to be not up to the job.

An independent grassroots lobbying effort launched by World Net Daily (WND) founder Joseph Farah, called the "No More Red Ink" campaign, has sent nearly 1 million letters to House Republicans calling on them to oppose any rise in the debt limit, thus shutting off the spigot for more spending beyond the government’s present revenues.  According to Farah, all we need are 218 Representatives in the House to vote no, and the debt ceiling does not get raised!  


A  WND survey taken in early March showed 122 House Republicans opposed to raising the debt limit under any circumstances with 23 favoring it.

The latest  WND talley (scroll down on this link for a very good chart showing where every Representative stands on the debt ceiling), shows 142 House Republicans opposing a raise in the $14.3 trillion debt limit with only 20 favoring it. Another 39 are undecided, while 40 say they would only vote to raise the debt limit with conditions, such as agreement on major cuts, entitlement reform of a balance budget agreement, and defunding ObamaCare.

This positive change since early March is VERY significant since the total votes needed are 218!

"This is a remarkable change and shows Americans still have a chance at stopping the borrowing-and-spending madness in Washington in the near term," said Farah. "We are effectively moving House Republicans against raising the debt limit – and they are beginning to realize this is where their real power is."

I believe this is the kind of “CAN DO” spirit that patriotic Americans need to reinstate in our society.  I know where I am going to redirect my political contributions to help accomplish this.  And I will advise the 20 yes voters, the 39 undecided voters, and the 40 conditional voters identified on the excellent chart found on the link above.

Mr Boehner, we need to get a second bid for the job, since you seem to have walked off the job site.

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  1. I think Boehner has lost his way and will never find the trail again. Not sure we have any real leaders in the Republician party at this time.