Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obama's Budget - More Smoke & Mirrors

I am not a member of a Tea Party, even though I support what they are doing.  Below is an e-mail I just received from the Woodlands Texas Tea Party, which is the one I usually attend events with.  Their e-mail is concerning the BRAND NEW budget plan that Obama just pulled out of his a** an hour or so ago, and returned to both houses for another vote.  It is the same last minute smoke & mirrors plan that the Dems are trying to sneak in on the American People.
My opinion is that if they will not allow a Senate vote on the Republican Cut, Cap, & Balance plan, we should allow the default and start letting the public know that Obama & the DEMs are responsible for the default AND ANY UN-NECESSARY DECISION TO CUT ANY ESSENTIAL SERVICES!  Here is the Woodlands Tea Party e-mail about Obama's CURRENT proposal an hour or so ago:
"Once again, the debt increase occurs immediately, while cuts are pushed into the next ten years where a future Congress must show the political will to retain them.
It’s possible also that the current deal includes triggers to automatically implement across-the-board cuts that are easily gotten around:
“if Medicare’s part of the trigger, then Democrats will follow Ace’s scheme to reinstate that money later even if the GOP doesn’t try the same move for defense. (Again, they do this all the time in “doctor fix.”) And even if the GOP does try the same move, why would Democrats care? They want to protect entitlements much more passionately than they want to see the Pentagon’s budget slashed, so they’d agree to reinstate the Pentagon’s money as the price of reinstating Medicare. The fundamental problem here, as always, is that Democrats don’t care about cutting spending. If there’s nothing built into this deal that prevents reinstating the money that would be cut when the trigger kicks in — and I’m not sure how there could be procedurally — then the trigger isn’t worth much.”
Progressives in Pelosi’s caucus are unhappy with this bill. The chairmen of the Progressive Caucus and of the Congressional Black Caucus have scheduled a joint-press conference on Monday to call on President Obama to raise the debt ceiling by invoking the 14th amendment.
Our suggestion, not surprisingly, is quite different. We want to see a budget passed that nails down what is to be cut and how much in the immediate future, not 10 years off. The other side wants a simple increase in the debt limit. Take Ryan’s budget with a budget from the Senate and work it out in conference, as should be, in exchange for a debt increase.
“Normally, when a House plan fails in the Senate, the Senate passes its own budget plan in response. The two chambers then form a conference committee to reach a compromise that produces a budget. However, this process requires that the Senate actually approve a budget on its own. Since voting down HR1 and the Democratic plan, the Senate hasn’t done anything — which means it has gone more than 18 months without approving a budget of some kind.
Instead of negotiating on a bipartisan basis in conference, the Senate’s failure has the Democrats and Barack Obama grandstanding in public, despite their party’s refusal to budget at all. The media has allowed this to continue rather than ask why the Senate just doesn’t pass a budget and launch a conference committee to iron out the differences. The result is this public kabuki dance in which the one chamber of Congress that actually produced a budget — and another continuing resolution — gets blamed for the lack of a budget as funding runs out, rather than the chamber that hasn’t done its job for more than 18 months, even though it has controlled all three branches of government for the last three years.”
It’s now been well over 800 days.
Here’s where things stand on the budget. The last budget actually passed was Pelosi’s and Reid’s budget running from October 1, 2009-2010. In February 2009, $400B in new spending was added to Bush’s budget of 2008-2009. This new spending included the stimulus. We are now entering Year 3 of the Pelosi Reid budget on 10-1-11. And this budget is scheduled for a second 8% increase on 10-1-11.
The House-passed Ryan budget replaces and cuts $150B from the current Pelosi Reid budget in year one. There would have to be a compromise with the Senate. What’s the compromise, $75B? Boehner’s original plan allowed for cutting only about $7B in year one.
We continue to urge Republican leadership to insist that Congress pass and the President sign a budget for 2011-2012. That Budget starts in two months. There is still time to finalize negotiations even if we push it back 30 more days. There should be no debt limit increase until the Senate and House pass a budget and it’s signed by the President. Let the Senate pass whatever they want with no filibuster. The House will meet their plan in the Conference Committee.
By the way, Greta Van Sustern just called for a 60 Day extension of the debt limit so the people, (remember them?), can find out what’s in it. We are asking for only 30 days more.
Be sure to watch this glorious video of Marco Rubio on the Senate floor yesterday, making this same case.“Compromise without solutions is a waste of time,” Marco Rubio said on the Senate floor today. Enjoy this video — be sure to catch his exchange with John Kerry:"

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