Monday, August 1, 2011

Cut, Cap, & Balance, or Let DEMs Choose Their Own Poison

Do not vote for Obama’s recent “smoke & mirrors” budget plan from Obama several hours ago.  It is more of the same which contains  lies and hidden steps to forward the Obama agenda.  They try to gain acceptance for these last minute inventions, so the CBA cannot analyse the actual costs until AFTER the Obama bills are already passed!

Senator Reid is so AFRAID of the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011, that he takes away the free agency of the Senate, and DOES NOT ALLOW A VOTE!  It is a MAJOR compromise with Obama, allowing Obama’s $2.4 TRILLION debt ceiling raise, allowing Obama’s cuts to the military budget, while putting a cap on spending and causing some much needed reduction of surplus, bloated, unneeded federal programs.  Obama uses scare tactics against seniors, but if he cuts unnecessarily, essential services, he and the Democrats will pay the ultimate price in November 2012.

If they refuse the Cut, Cap, & Balance compromise, then let Obama and the Democrats cause the budget default – get the responsibility clearly out to the public, and let the Democrats stew in their misjudgments!  THERE IS NO REASON TO CUT ANY ESSENTIAL SERVICES (THERE IS ACTUALLY A $66 BILLION SURPLUS – that’s 66,000 MILLION DOLLARS), SO ANY CUT IN ESSENTIAL SERVICES WOULD BE POLITICAL SUICIDE FOR THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND DEMOCRATS.  JUST MAKE SURE THE PUBLIC KNOWS WHO WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUCH IRRESPONSIBLE CUTS.   There are hundreds of thousands of “non-essential” federal workers who can be cut to find other jobs like the rest of us.  By the way, WHY ARE THERE ANY NON-ESSENTIAL FEDERAL WOKERS ANYWAY?

If you allow Obama and the Democrats to push this bill through, the damage will not be only to our country but to your legislative careers also, because very quickly after the passage it will be impossible to hide the economic repercussions to our entire country.  Will you have a problem with that?

The responsibility for the current budget crisis lies COMPLETELY in the lap of the Denocrats.  Remember there has been no budget since FY-2009, even though the Democrats controlled both houses since 2006 and you have controlled the presidency since 2008.  Looks like your feeling of "running out of time" is because your Democrats and you have been running away from responsibility for quite some time?

To understand the tremendous significance of the Obama/Democrat's negligence last year (FY-2010),  you have to know that it was the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY of the US federal government, when the party IN POWER failed to pass a federal budget!  And Democrats were in TOTAL control of ALL THREE BRANCHES of government at the time!
Also notice that as soon as the NEW Republican House landslide took the House back,  in November 2010, they immediately went to work on the budget for this year (FY-2011), that Democrats had refused to bother with last year, which were the most basic part of their duties.  The new republican House sent their budget FROM Rep. Ryan, and then later, the Cut, Cap, & balance Act of 2011, to the Democrat-controlled Senate.  And Harry Reid sat on it and did NOTHING – even refusing to allow a vote on the Republican bills.

The Democrat controlled Senate as of today, July 23, 2011, STILL have no budget vote nor budget proposal whatsoever!  Update: two last minute “smoke & mirrors” proposals came from the Senate  on about July 29th!  Do not vote on them and if the Senate refuses to accept the Cut, Cap, and Balance compromise, let THEM choose to default.

God Bless America

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