Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fax to New Republican House Turncoats

As an American patriot and taxpayer, I’m angered that you would ignore your constituents and allow yourself to be swept up by party politics by supporting the Budget Control Act of 2011 “Democrats Dirty Debt Deal” -- perhaps the dirtiest, most misleading  debt deal in the history of our nation.  A deal American taxpayers are now discovering is nothing more than a sham!  Maybe you knew that before you cast your vote?  BECAUSE YOU VOTED YES!

President Obama has already indicated that he intends to IGNORE rider section 2262, defunding 4 of his “czars” by using “signing statements” for which as a candidate, he had previously attacked President Bush in 2007 in the Boston Globe, promising that HE would never use a “signing statement” like President Bush did.  Obama NOW says he “will not abide” with that section of the “Democrat’s Dirty Debt Deal”, WHICH HE SIGNED INTO LAW!

Strange that Obama had no complaint BEFORE he signed it, but AFTER he signs it he reveals that he will not abide by one section, using the "signing statements".  While it is legitimate for a president to issue a signing statement to clarify his understanding of ambiquous provisions of statutes and to explain his view of how he intends to faithfully execute the law, it is a CLEAR ABUSE OF POWER to use signing statements as a license to evade laws that the president does not like or as an end-run around provisions designed to foster accountability.  Senator Obama told the Boston Globe in 2007 "I WILL NOT USE SIGNING STATEMENTS TO NULLIFY OR UNDERMINE CONGRESSIONAL INSTRUCTIONS AS ENACTED INTO LAW."  Another one of the many things that Obama says and does not mean.  

This "habit" of Obama's is dangerously close to the practice of main stream Muslims called Taqiyya and Hudaibita, which encourage mainstream Muslims to lie to infidels in order to accomplish hidden goals.  Lying to infidels is not considered a sin, but simply a good strategy to accomplish hidden goals.  Of course Muslims consider lying to other Muslims to be sin.

I am doing everything I can to get Obama’s agenda out into the open (actually forcing his promise for more governmental transparency), by the use of these faxes, my conservative blog (3200+ visits since I created it in May), 3800+ FaceBook friends, my political e-mail lists, and just joined Twitter less than a week ago, and discovered a Twitter strategy that TRIPLED my previously highest daily visits to my blog, in the ten minutes immediately after my second Tweet.  My goal is to inhibit the complaining & whining, and to promote ACTIONS, which speak louder than words.

As a first-term lawmaker, who was brought to Capitol Hill for the expressed purpose of cutting spending and wrangling in the size and scope of Big Government I’m shocked that it took just months for YOU to lose touch with me and your other constituents, hardworking Americans who supported your campaign efforts because we believed you would honor your pledge to stand against Obama’s agenda, and make a difference on Capitol Hill.  We were wrong.


I sent contributions and spent many hours promoting your, and the other first-term turncoat’s elections.  I am now committed to continue the same time &a money to your OUSTER!  You misjudged me and many others when you made a pledge to us, and then ignored your pledge.  We put you where you are now, in order to work for us to slow down, defeat, and repeal EVERYTHING President Obama is doing to destroy the country that we love.  You were aware that we DID NOT send you there to help pass the “Democrat’s Dirty Debt Deal” specifically.  Read tha Paradox of Compromise on my blog!

I have a strategy that has worked well on Democrats that make the mistake of thinking that since I am a Texan and can’t vote for them in their state, they don’t need to worry about my views.  WRONG!  I send them an e-mail letting them know I have Googled their next election date, have Googled their opponents or expected opponents, and two months before the election date I make contributions to their most Conservative opponent.  Right now, approximately 15% of my total political contributions are for this purpose. 

This is more than just the whining we see on e-mails, blogs, and Tweets.  This is ACTION to have a positive effect on the return of America to the people.

This strategy worked well for me a few months ago against pro-union Democrats in Wisconsin, who deserted their jobs PHYSICALLY, whereas you just deserted your job MORALLY.


If you haven’t noticed, We The People are watching, and we are watching Republican turncoats as well as Obama and the Democrats.  Ignore us at your own peril.

This fax was sent to POTUS, Senators Cornyn, Hutchinson, Rubio, Snowe, McConnell, Reid, Feinstein, Reed, Murray, Representatives Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Poe, Levin, Pelosi, New first-term House Republicans Berg, Noem, Crawford, Gosar, Benishek, Nunnelee, Guinta, McKinley, Griffin, Huizenga, Ellmers, Rigell, Womack, Runyan, Heck, Kelly, Herrera, Gardner, Palazzo, Nugent, Lankford, and various Conservative and Liberal media outlets.

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