Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Democrat Senator Attacks Concerned Women For America

Senator Tester, I am outraged that you made this ridiculous, false accusation against Ms. Penny Nance, Chief Executive Officer of Concerned Women for America (CWA), and their general membership, accusing CWA of being soft on child pornography.  Senator Tester, what happened to your honor?  Do Democrats actually have to renounce their honor when they sign up for voters cards?

CWA is a leading protector of children against such filth.

Sen. Tester you must apologize immediately and retract your ridiculous, false accusation.  If you choose not to, I will join with the women of Montana, and I will Google your next election date, Google the most conservative candidate running against you, and contribute to his/her efforts to defeat your re-election.  My strategy worked pretty well for me a few months ago in Wisconsin.  I hope you noticed today, the breaking news "Wisconsin Republicans keep majority in their Senate"!  
Yes I am a Texan man, and yes I can have an impact on rogue legislators in ANY STATE IN THIS UNION!  If you don’t believe it, check in with your co-conspirators, in Wisconsin and Texas.

It is no accident or coincidence that your bizarre “announcement” came as Congress was leaving for its recess.  This is the same Democrat cowardly strategy as used by Wisconsin pro-union Democrat legislators, when they unlawfully abandoned their jobs, and fled the state to avoid voting on a bill – It didn’t work for them either?  Here is a suggestion for a new bill – if any US legislator intentionally abandons his job to avoid voting for a bill, THEN HE LOSES HIS JOB/BENEFITS just like any other American worker.

I'm sure you are aware that the Obama administration has mandated coverage for all contraception – including abortifacients in the new ObamaCare law.  This sir is TRUE “child pornography" at the highest level!

This also means that pro-life citizens will be forced to support and fund abortion in the new ObamaCare law, if not repealed.  Since Obama promised that no tax dollers would be used in Obamacare to fund abortions, this is just another of the many examples of saying something that he does not mean, from Obama.  I think they call it Taqiyya?

Obama and fellow Democrats are falling precipitously in all the polls.   And specifically in the polling groups most critical for the Obama re-elections – Women voters, College voters, Jewish voters, Hispanic voters, and Independent voters.  Thanks for your help with the Women.  You ignore them at your own peril.

This fax was also faxed to Ms. Nance’s office, Senators Rubio, McConnell, Hutchinson, Cornyn, Tester, Representatives Boener, Cantor, Reid, Pelosi, various conservative and liberal media outlets, and will be posted to my conservative political blog at

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