Sunday, September 18, 2011

Congress - NO Federal Internet Takeover!

CONGRESSMEN & CONGRESSWOMEN, time is short. We have possibly less than 60 days for you, Congress, to act.  It is your CONSTITUTIONALLY-MANDATED JOB to oversee the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Yet, AS WE SPEAK, Obama’s FCC is providing new rules and regulations to Internet service providers, as well as me, the Internet user.  This is an another invasion of my privacy from the Obama adgenda.  My Internet freedoms are guaranteed under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Yet, the FCC is being directed by President Obama, to see it much differently.

PLEASE, use your Constitutionally mandated oversight powers to stop the federal government expansion and advance over my freedoms.  NO federal bureaucrat, not even POTUS can intrude upon my right to the Internet.

Not only am I against "government over-reach," that we are seeing every day now, but my constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms must be upheld in order to allow citizens rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT of Happiness.  Please look into this very important matter that every American is genuinely concerned about, AND STOP IT while there is still time.

Over the last few years in Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, etc., dictators and despots have used unlawful control and even SHUTDOWN of the internet in their countries to hide violence and other atrocities committed against their citizens, reduce their citizenry’s access to updated news, and defeat LIBERTY.  DON’T ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN IN AMERICA!

The bottom line is that President Obama wants to use these same dictatorial tactics to take away control and Internet freedom, FROM AMERICAN CITIZENS.  He hopes to do it without your noticing or complaining!  He has already declared his FCC has the "right" to REGULATE your Internet.  That is the SAME RIGHT that EVERY third country dictator has stolen from their citizens, so they could carry out their carnage against their people, away from the watchful eye of the world, since the Internet was created.  But three US federal judges have already DISAGREED and ruled that Internet freedoms should be treated the same as "Freedom of the press" for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Will this Obama plan curtail the American Constitutionally mandated FREEDOM OF SPEECH?  OF COURSE, YES IT WILL!

Will this Obama plan steal the Constitutionally mandated FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY?  OF COURSE, YES IT WILL!

Will this Obama plan plunder the Constitutionally mandated FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION?  OF COURSE, YES IT WILL!

Would this Obama plan allow the same violence, control, and hidden illegal governmental activities as all the previous dictators/despots have used against their people, TO OCCUR HERE IN THE UNITED STATES OF America?  YES, YES, YES, OF COURSE IT WILL!

Our federal GOVERNMENT wants to CONTROL OUR INTERNET in order to choose who will be allowed to use it, and who will NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE IT!  They want an INTERNET KILL SWITCH to be able to instantly switch off transparency/connectivity to the world.  They want to oversee the CONTENT of our Internet!   They want to be able to hide criminal activity AGAINST the citizens of AMERICA, FROM THE WORLD.  American law is ALREADY in place to prosecute illegal activities against criminal use of our Internet – NO “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”, IS NECESSARY.


This fax was sent to POTUS, Senators Cornyn, Hutchinson, Rubio, Snowe, McConnell, Reid, Feinstein, Reed, Murray, Representatives Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, DeMint, Poe, Levin, Pelosi, New first-term House Republicans Berg, Noem, Crawford, Gosar, Benishek, Nunnelee, Guinta, McKinley, Griffin, Huizenga, Ellmers, Rigell, Womack, Runyan, Heck, Kelly, Herrera, Gardner, Palazzo, Nugent, Lankford, and various Conservative and Liberal media outlets.

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