Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama's Devilish Job Plan

Obama's recent “Jobs” Speech Has Devilish Details, and the bill is even MORE devilish!

The problem is that everyone is calling it the “Jobs Bill”, when Obama has no bill at all, yet! It was an Obama “Jobs Speech”, not a bill at all! A bill is a written proposal which can be proposed to Congress and evaluated by the federal Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The CBO is supposed to give a non-partisan evaluation of all budgetary bills, but leans toward the Obama agenda because of Obama’s bullying tactics.

Obama bragged of his “jobs plan”, and then delayed over a month as he and Congress vacationed, and then only presented the “speech”, publically admitting that his “jobs” plan was only a “FIRST STEP”, and not the final bill which he produced later, and would cost $447 BILLION which he said would be paid for, with a “string” of tax increases! As usual Obama wants it “PASSED RIGHT NOW”, while the screw is hot! He demanded 14 TIMES in his jobs speech to the Joint Session of Congress, to “PASS THE BILL NOW”.

He forgot his promise when campaigning for POTUS, to allow plenty of time for the people to read all his bills on a special federal website, also allowing time for the CBO to evaluate the REAL costs of bills presented to the Legislatures for a vote! 

 After he was elected, I think he likes the Pelosi plan better – “Lets pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it”! At least this one was not 2800+ pages, like ObamaCare!  Obama is also leaving the exact “tax increases” method to the 12 members of the “Super Committee” which is dangerous because 12 people will make the decision instead of the constitutionally mandated 535 votes required from the membership of both houses of congress! More of Obama’s Chicago style, dirty politics.


"Rep Gohmert: Obama’s Jobs Bill Has Devilish Details"
Posted Sept 13, 2011 by Martin Gould and Ashley Martella at

President Barack Obama’s jobs speech is even worse when you look at the details than it has at first glance, according to four-term Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert.  “It is a disaster” the Texas representative said in an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview.  And the whole bill should have been renamed from “The American Jobs Act” to either “The Save Obama’s Job Act” or “The Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Full Employment Bonus Bill,” he added.  Gohmert pointed to little-noticed aspects of the bill that Obama "forgot" to present to Congress on Monday.

One, he said, turns the unemployed into a "protected" class similar to ethnic minorities.  Sounds like more of Obama's "Class Warefare" agenda where HE gets to choose who get the benefits, and who do NOT!  Seems more dictatorial or Socialistic, than Democratic doesn't it?

“If you apply for a job and you think that the reason you didn’t get hired is because you were unemployed at the time, you're now a protected class,” said Gohmert, whose largely rural district borders Louisiana.  “You’ve now got a cause of action, go get a lawyer. “How do you prove, if you’re an employer, that being unemployed was not the reason that you did not hire somebody.  It is going to create all kinds of claims for this mass of people and there’ll be more and more unemployed because of this bill.

“This is a job killer except for famous lawyers who do labor work, they’re going to have a field day with the wind-fall profits,” Gohmert said. “Anybody that’s unemployed who doesn’t get hired is going to have a claim, a cause of action.   But everybody else is going to be in big trouble.”  Gohmert said he got the text of the bill on Monday evening and spent much of the night studying it.  His analysis is that the real losers would be small businesses.   Taking the oil and gas industry, he said it would help huge corporations such as British Petroleum and Exxon Mobil while hurting the small independent companies that provide much of the energy produced in the United States.  What Obama calls subsidies for the oil industry that he wants to eliminate are really the same tax deductions that all companies get, Gohmert said.  “They’re deductions of the cost of doing business.

Every manufacturer, every employer gets to deduct the cost of doing business, but this president wants to make sure oil companies don’t, and who’s going to be helped?  The biggest oil companies will be helped.  The price of oil, if this becomes law, will go up.” Obama’s whole concept of the role of government is wrong, Gohmert said. “One of the things that was the scariest to me in the whole speech he gave, he said he wanted government working side by side with business.  “THAT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S ROLE.  Businesses don’t want or need the government as a partner.  They need the government as a referee to make sure the playing field is level, keep things fair and then get out of the way.”

Another little-noticed part of the bill is the establishment of the American Infrastructure Financing Authority.


Then there is the clause that, he claimed, undermines the 11th Amendment by saying that any state that accepts federal money under its auspices automatically waives its right to sovereign immunity.  “If you accept $1 of federal money for any program in your state, you’ve waived your right not to be sued for not hiring somebody because they’re unemployed.

Another TREMENDOUS boost for attorney job “enhancement”!  Gohmert predicted the bill would “stimulate the economy almost as much as the last stimulus bill stimulated the economy; YES, JUST EXACTLY LIKE STIMULUS I - IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!

“It drove unemployment from below 8 up over 10 and it’s over 9 now.  He assured us, though, that if we did not pass this stimulus bill, unemployment might go as high, he said, as 8.5.

That 8.5 percent looks pretty good right now, doesn't it?”


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    Welcome to the Ashley era.