Thursday, January 5, 2012

Obama's Vision For America

President Obama is working hard to convert America into a European style socialist state.  His attempts so far have created the typical European Socialist style LOSS OF JOBS, WORST ECONOMY SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION, etc., etc., etc..

Here is a night time satellite image of Socialist North Korea directly compared with Capitalist South Korea.

This is what Obama is INTENTIONALLY trying to turn America into - A Third World, European style, Socialist country - THE QUESTION IS, ARE WE GOING TO ALLOW HIM TO DO IT?


  1. This is so incredibly scary. I'm voting even for a dog catcher if that's who the GOP put up.

  2. Didn't tell you, but changed my affiliation to "Unaffiliated". Got too damned tired of Congress and the Senate crap. They are gong to come courting.