Saturday, December 17, 2011

Political Euphemisms

Don't you just love the Democrat's tactics of RE-DEFINING common terms for deception or attack?  Did you notice they now use the term REVENUES instead of TAXES?  They want the term PROGRESSIVES used instead of LEFTISTS.  Democrats have VETOED the word "ObamaCare" in all their constituency mailings.

Obama's previous employer, the criminal Corporation ACORN, after legislation was passed by Congress to disallow ANY federal funding, simply re-named ACORN , in order to allow Obama to continue to fund them with taxpayer's dollars.  Ex-ACORN employee, whistle blower, and patriot Anita MonCrief has revealed corruption that should be addressed by RICO prosecution, and now spreading into other countries like Canada.

Here is a comprehensive discussion and videos of Obama's ACORN relationship and agenda.

GOP common terms                                   DEM re-definitions
Gun Collection                                                                           Arsenal of Weapons
Swamp                                                                                         Delicate Wetlands
Illegal Alien                                                                                  Undocumented Worker
Synthetic Fiber                                                                           Cruelty-Free Materials
Attitude Adjustment                                                                   Assault and Battery
Well Protected                                                                            Heavily Armed
Righteous                                                                                   Narrow-Minded
ACORN                                                                                         Too Many to List
Coerced Theft                                                                            Taxes or Your FAIR Share
Disarm America Laws                                                       Homeland Terrorist Control
Fireworks or Stump Removal                                         Illegal Hazardous Explosives
Unborn Baby                                                                               Non-Viable Tissue Mass
Socialism                                          Equal Access Opportunity To Steal From Others
High Crime Area                                                                          Multicultural Community
Marxism                                                                               Fairness or Social Progress
Self-Employed                                                                       Upper Class or "The Rich"
Big Government Scheme                           Progressive, Change You Can Believe In
Bums or Welfare Leeches                                                 Homeless or Disadvantaged
Scoped Deer Rifle                                                                                Sniper Rifle
Higher Taxes                                                Investment For the Future or "Revenue"
Socialized Medicine                                                                             ObamaCare
Conservative                                                                 Extremist, Judgmental, or Hater
HomeSchoolers                                                                                       Truants
Criminal or Lazy Good-For-Nothing                                       Oppressed or Victim
Standard Capacity Magazine                                            Assault Weapon Accessory
Church-Going                                                                                    Religious Zealot
Sheep and Elk Killers                                                                           Murderers
Capital Punishment                                                                               Murderer
Murderers                                                                                                 Victims
Overpriced Yuppie Coffee                                                               Fair Trade Coffee
Employed or Land Owner                                                       Exploiters or "The Rich"
NRA Membership                                                                           Domestic Terrorists
Semi-Automatic (eg. BB Gun)                                                            Assault Weapon
New Taxes and Higher Taxes                                                              Fiscal Stimulus
Legalized Perversion                                                                        Social Engineering
MANDATED Chinese, Mercury Laden Light Bulbs                 Eco-Friendly Lighting
Right & Wrong                                                                              Right-Wing Koolaid
Leftist Koolaid                        Hurry & Pass the Bill So We Can Find Out Whats In It

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  1. Naturally, by changing the name of something, it changes the perception. I think one of the biggest name-change results came when homosexuals changed their name to gay, then using the "word" homo as a club to browbeat those of us who are not exactly enamored with that life style.
    Personally, I think homosexual is homosexual and gay is funny. I guess it's better than being called a pederast.