Friday, February 17, 2012



Obama is an "equal opportunity" CRONYISM participant.  He doesn't advocate it PUBLICALLY, but he participates in it at every opportunity behind the scenes.  As a candidate Obama promised that the allocation of all federal "stimulus" monies would be nonpartisan and fair:  "Let me repeat that.  Decisions about how Recovery money will be spent will be based on the merits.  They will not be made as a way for doing favors for lobbyists."  So many unfulfilled promises - why are we surprised at Obama's lack of promised transparency, his frequent use of the "race card", his failure to stop LOBBYISTS, EARMARKS, AND CRONYISM?

He has his family crony's
Family vacations, including the recent $4+ MILLION in Hawaii, all on the taxpayers.  Federal jobs for his daughters.  Michelle's brother.    Uncle Onyango Obama.

And then there is Aunt Zeituni.

He has his crony's in Kenya
Obama administration promotes abortion in Kenya with $18 million of taxpayer's money.

He has his business crony's
ACORN where Obama was one of their attorneys before he and his wife lost their attorney's licenses, and ACORN stealthy iterations after ACORN was prohibited from receiving federal funds for fraud.

He has his crony's in Chicago
Radical Weather Underground terrorist and activist Bill Ayers and wife Bernadette.  The Chicago Daley cartel.  Tony Rezko. Rahm Emanuel.  Rev. Wright

He has his Governor crony's
Blagojevich who he claims to have only seen once.

He has his Democrat Party crony's like Nancy Pelosi and her brother, and Warren Buffett.

He has his "green energy" crony's
80% of Obama's green energy loans went to top Obama donors.    Solyndra.  

He has his Department of Energy crony's

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  1. See? Capitalism DOES work! It just has another name - cronyism.