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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

American Islamization

Geert Wilders is is a Dutch right-wing politician and leader of the Party For Freedom  (Partij voor de Vrijheid – PVV), the third-largest political party in the Netherlands.  He is the Parlimentary group Leader of his party in the Dutch House of representatives.   Wilders has witnessed the terrible impact that Muslim immigration has inflicted on his country, the Netherlands.  Wilders has campaigned to stop what he views as the "Islamization of the Netherlands".  He compares the QURAN with ADOLF HITLER’S BOOK, MEIN KAMPF and has campaigned to have the book banned in the Netherlands.  He advocates ending immigration from Muslim countries, and supports banning the construction of new mosques.

Geert Wilders Presents:  5 Steps AMERICANS Must Take to Avoid the Fate of Islamized Europe

Posted May 20, 2011 by Rhonda Robinson on NewsRealBlog

Never before have I walked into a church to be greeted by a barrier of armed police with metal detector wands.  Nor have I had to let officers open my purse to search for weapons before I could enter a sanctuary — that is, until now.  That was when Geert Wilders came to speak at Cornerstone Church in Nashville, Tennessee.  He came to warn America, to warn Christians.  He came to wake up the Bible Belt to the threat of Islam.  But before a single word was spoken, these ominous signs foreshadowed the truth of what was yet to come.  Geert Wilders is not a president, royalty, or anyone most of us would recognize on the street.  And yet, as he took the podium to a loud applause and standing ovation, Wilders stood flanked with security constantly scanning the crowd, reminiscent of our own presidential secret service.

Why all the fuss for a representative from the Netherlands — a politician?  Because he is a rare and endangered species;  he is willing to speak the truth about what is happening in Europe.  He refuses to submit to Islam or be bound and gagged by the power of the politically correct.

For this, he is facing a 16-month jail sentence by his own government for the high crime of “hate-speech.”  Even more profound is that he is the constant target for assassination from the “mis-understanders of Islam.”  Wilders opened by telling the crowd he was happy to be there — happy to be able to speak freely, without the fear of being carted off to jail once he stepped out of the door.  A concept hard for us here in the U.S. to grasp, but it is the stark reality of Europeans today.

He came with a very sobering warning, and a list of five things we must do now without fail, if we are to save our western culture and values.

“My friends, I am sorry.  I am here today with an unpleasant message.  I am here with a warning.  I am here with a battle cry:  “Wake up, Christians of Tennessee.  Islam is at your gate. ” Do not make the mistake which Europe made.  Do not allow Islam to gain a foothold here.”

“My dear American friends, you cannot imagine how we envy your First Amendment.  The day when America follows the example of Europe and Canada and introduces so-called “hate speech crimes” which is only used to punish people who are critical of Islam, that day America will have lost its freedom.”

“Multiculturalism is a disaster.”

“How did the Europeans get into this situation?  It is partly our own fault because we have foolishly adopted the concept of cultural relativism, which manifests itself in the ideology of multiculturalism.

Cultural relativism advocates that all cultures are equal.  However, cultures wither away and die if people no longer believe that its values are better than those of another culture. Islam is spreading like wildfire wherever people lack the guts to say that their values are better than the Islamic values.

Islam is spreading like wildfire because the Koran explicitly tells Muslims that they are “the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind” and that non-Muslims are “the worst of creatures.”
Islam is spreading like wildfire everywhere in the West where political, academic, cultural and media elites lack the guts to proudly proclaim, as I believe we all should proclaim:
Our Judeo-Christian Western culture is far better and far superior to the Islamic culture.  We must be proud to say so!

Are we proud to say so?  Or do we live in fear of verbal assault?

Just as the truth no longer matters in Europe, it no longer matters in our classrooms or textbooks.  Our government - run schools are inundated with the value system of multiculturalism.  Leftist professors teach American history through the Marxist lens of Howard Zinn.  Colored by his hatred of our Western values, generations have been painted a picture of America as nothing more than a predator and oppressor.

Multiculturalism is a disaster.  Almost everyone acknowledges this today, but few dare say why.  Let me tell you why:  Multiculturalism made us tolerate the intolerant, and now intolerance is annihilating tolerance.
We should, in the name of tolerance, claim the right not to tolerate the intolerant.  Let us no longer be afraid and politically correct, let us be brave and bold.  Let us tell the truth about Islam.

While Muslims are convinced that they are the “best of peoples” and non-Muslims are “the worst of creatures” their leftist enablers here in America clear the way for us to walk the same path as Europe.  If we continue, we do so at our own peril.

Wilders warns:

We can see what Islam has in store for us if we watch the fate of the Christians in the Islamic world, such as the Copts in Egypt, the Maronites in Lebanon, the Assyrians in Iraq, and Christians elsewhere.
Almost every day, churches are arsoned and Christians are assassinated in Islamic countries.

In a report on the persecution of Christians in the world, Archbishop Twal of Jerusalem, wrote recently –  I quote:  “In the Middle East to be Christian means accepting that you must make a great sacrifice.  All too often and in many places, Christians suffer various threats.  On some occasions, their homes and churches are burnt, and people are killed.  How many atrocities must we endure before somebody somewhere comes to our aid?” – end of quote.

“Israel is fighting our fight.”

Rivers of tears are flowing from the Middle East, where there is only one safe haven for Christians.  You know where that is.  The only place in the Middle East where Christians are safe is Israel.
That is why Israel deserves our support.  Israel is a safe haven for everyone, whatever their belief and opinions.  Israel is a beacon of light in a region of total darkness.  Israel is fighting our fight.
The jihad against Israel is a jihad against all of us.  If Israel falls, we, too, will feel the consequences.  If Jerusalem falls, Athens, Rome, Amsterdam and Nashville will fall.  Therefore, we all are Israel.

Lest you think that this is a remote possibility, let me assure you – Nashville, the heart of the Bible-belt has already become a “hotbed” for Islamic activity.

While responding to charges of bigotry and hate for hosting the Wilder event (the typical meme of the Left) Lou Ann Zelenik, Director of the newly formed TENNESSEE FREEDOM COALITION had to point out what we all should have been acutely aware of.  Zelenick writes in the Tennessean:

In 2004, an Iraqi immigrant to Nashville, Ahmed Uqualy, was arrested for stockpiling weaponry and plotting terror attacks against Jews as part of what he explained was his “going jihad.”
In 2007, a Nashville Somali taxi driver, Ibrahim Ahmed, ran down a student with his cab after getting into an argument over religion and praising Hitler for wanting to “cleanse” the world of the Jews.  The student was critically injured.
In 2010, Vanderbilt’s Saudi-educated Muslim chaplain Awadh Binhazim was caught on camera claiming that Islam demands homosexuals be put to death.  And just this March, Memphian Melvin Bledsoe testified to Congress about his son Carlos.  Carlos had converted to radical Islam, received terrorist training in Yemen, and returned to the United States;  where he tried to firebomb a Nashville rabbi’s house and went on to kill an Army recruiter in Little Rock, Ark.  According to Mr. Bledsoe’s testimony, it was the imam of Nashville’s Al Farouq mosque who recommended Carlos to his Yemeni contacts.

Wilders Warning…

Dear friends, here is my warning.

Make no mistake:  Islam is also coming for America.  In fact, it is already here.  America is facing a stealth jihad, the Islamic attempt to introduce sharia law bit by bit.  Last March, a judge in Tampa, Florida, ruled that a lawsuit against a mosque and involving the control of 2.4 million dollars, should proceed under Islamic law.

My friends, be aware that this is only the beginning.  This is also how it started in Europe.  If things continue like this, you will soon have the same problems as we are currently facing.
While Tennessee is in the frontline, similar legislative initiatives are also being taken in the states of Oklahoma, Wyoming, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Arizona, Indiana.  It is encouraging to see that so many politicians are willing to resist Islam.
This gives us hope and courage. I am not a pessimist. We can still turn the tide – even in Europe – if we act today.

“First, we must defend freedom of speech.”

Freedom is the source of human creativity and development.  People and nations wither away without the freedom to question what is presented to them as the truth.
Without freedom of speech we risk becoming slaves . Frederick Douglass, the 19th century black American politician, the son of a slave, said – I quote – “To suppress free speech is a double wrong.  It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.”

I have already told you about my court case.  This legal charade will not, however, prevent me from saying the truth.  Never. I will speak out, even if they drag me before 500 courts and threaten to jail me for a thousand years.  The fact that we are being treated as criminals for telling the truth must not deter us.  We are doomed if we remain silent or let ourselves be silenced.  Let us not forget, this is our first and most important obligation:  defend the right to speak the truth.

The fact that we are being treated as criminals for telling the truth must not deter us.”  The fact that we are being treated as criminals for telling the truth should terrify, and must embolden us.

“Second, we must end cultural relativism and political correctness.”

We must repeat it over and over again, especially to our children : Our Western culture based on Christianity and Judaism is superior to the Islamic culture.  Our laws are superior to sharia.  Our Judeo-Christian values are better than Islam’s totalitarian rules.
And because they are superior and better, we must defend them.  We must fight for our own identity, or else we will lose it.  We need to be warriors for the good, because the good is worth fighting for.  Neutrality in the face of evil is evil.

“Neutrality in the face of evil is evil.”  We have been silenced by cultural relativism, collective racial guilt, and political correctness for too long.  The doctrine of political correctness, is nothing but the Left’s tool to silence truth. It has been a very effective tool, now it has turned deadly.

The values we embrace allow Muslims to practice a religion, not a political ideology of superiority.  In our culture, church and state, synagogue and state, mosque and state are separate.  This is the way it is in Christian and Jewish nations.
Is it also in Muslim nations?  No.  Simply put, Muslim nations consider Western style governments to be devised by man.  Whereas a Muslim government is under the law of “Allah.”  Therefore they conclude, that Muslim culture is superior, and must be dominant.  This is not compatible with Western civilization.

They know it. It’s time we realize it.

“Third, we must stop the Islamization of our countries.”

More Islam means less freedom.  There is enough Islam in the West already.  We must stop immigration from non-Western countries, which are mostly Islamic countries.  We must expel criminal immigrants.  We must forbid the construction of new hate palaces called mosques.
We must also close down all Islamic schools because educating children in a spirit of hate is one of the worst things imaginable.  We must introduce anti-sharia legislation everywhere in the free world.  Enough is enough.

Moammar Khadafi once said,

There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests.  Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.

The mass immigration we are seeing is not due merely to educational and occupational opportunities.  It is part of the Muslim obligation to spread Islam to other nations.  Muslims are forbidden to adopt their host country’s customs and values.  Rather, they are to sway the host country to accommodate.
We see snippets of this where communities have segregated swimming for men and women, taxi drivers refuse customers carrying alcohol, separate prayer rooms for students and employees, dietary accommodations.  These demands are not made right away on an individual basis.  Rather, they are calculated – conquest through migration.  It has been a successful tactic since the days of their prophet.

“Fourth, we must take pride in our nations again.”

We must cherish and preserve the culture and identity of our country.  Preserving our own culture and identity is the best antidote against Islamization.

Bin Laden’s attack on September 11, struck the heart of America alright – like the electric shock revives a failing heart.  What was meant to kill us, made us stronger.  At least for a time.

Then with the election of Barack Obama, and the Left running rampant, there’s finally been enough manure spread across America that it became fertile soil for some new growth.  The emergence of the Tea Party is a good sign that our Republic can still bear fruit.

It’s time to restore our pride in our country, and stop allowing the Left to define our culture.

And fifth, last but certainly not least, we must elect wise and courageous leaders who are brave enough to address the problems which are facing us, including the threat of Islam.  Politicians who have the courage to speak the truth about Islam.

Have we grown accustomed and dull of hearing to the news that innocent people are being killed in Israel, BECAUSE THEY EXIST?  Almost daily we are seeing pictures of churches on fire and Christians murdered.  Geert Wilders’ team of security, the concerns of local police and the track record of Islamic violence, should indeed serve as a wakeup call.

Now, consider this:  Geert Wilder did not risk his life to come here and warn us of another attack.  He came to warn us of a much more imminent danger, the stealth jihad being waged in our own backyard while we sleep.


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